Reflecting on 30 Days of My NaBloPoMo Commitment.

“I do not wish women to have power over men; but over themselves.”—Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley (Mary Shelley)
I guess I feel a sense of accomplishment at completing 30 days of daily posting. Thank you to those who have followed along and new readers who stumbled upon…and hooray that my husband is officially “following” my blog now.

I am quite relieved that this is my last obligated post of the month, since the HOLIDAYS have descended across the land—times are hectic. Manic Christmas music pushing me forward to choose suitable, meaningful, memorable gifts for my loved ones. Today alone, I’ve filled my arms with gifts, only to put them back on the shelves (not always the right shelves, YES! I’m one of those people, except I draw the line at perishables).

Moving on…this daily posting of National Blog Posting Month forced (not the best word), maybe encouraged me to dig deep and write on topics I normally wouldn’t share. I enjoyed when topics came easy, dreaded when I couldn’t share something more entertaining. But, I need to remember that I write for myself first, then the other Gods and Goddesses in training. It was nice to read comments from new people and reaffirming comments from family and friends.

All month, I’ve been wanting to post a picture of this dark gray bird (I’m not an expert on birds, so I don’t know her make and model)…I say she, because as a woman (and speaking for other women), we tend to get too critical of ourselves. So, this bird visits almost everyday and attacks its reflection in the shiny hubcap of my husband’s classic car. We call the car Angel--a 1946 Chevy Fleetmaster.

I’ve tried snapping pictures of this bird from my kitchen window. I creep around Angel when I get home from picking up my son from school, the clinking of this bird’s beak on the hubcap tells me she’s at it again. I was unsuccessful at catching her “on film” figuratively speaking, but I have witnessed her many times with this ritual of pecking at her reflection. My daughter thinks it’s funny, I think it is too, but there’s a bit of sadness there. I feel like I sometimes peck at my own reflection. I’m not satisfied with something. This happens daily, sometimes more magnified and depressing than other times, but it’s there.

So, as this year comes to a close, I’m trying to get a head start on adjusting my attitude, my self-perception and elevate my feelings of self worth. Don’t worry, I won’t be joining the little bird in banging my head into my husband’s shiny hubcaps, but I continue to be a GODDESS in TRAINING and I think it’s fine to not be satisfied, to yearn for more. Because one who is 100% “there” is bluffing. And, if I ever get to be 100% “there”, then maybe I’ll be at my peak and not need a BLOG, I’ll finally have the Bruce Lee glow. (Next year is the Year of the Dragon—his year, my mom’s too). Anyway, so easy to be sidetracked by Master Lee. I hope for a nice close to 2011 and a fiery, evolutionary, memorable 2012. I’m sure I’ll write again, even though I need a bit of a break thanks to NaBloPoMo.

I have learned more about myself this past month and hope you folks have picked through my ramblings to find your own nuggets of truth (thanks, denise for the “nugget” term)….until then, don’t peck too often or too hard at your own reflections. And if you have to, use a helmet.

I love Wonder Woman and Lynda Carter, classic! I'm going to run around everywhere with this theme song in my head, don't laugh.


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