Black Friday = DOOM…Day 25 of NaBloPoMo.

Is it WORTHED it? (As we say on Guam)....

That really depends. If I can get a great DVD for $1.96, then sure. If I can get Season One of The Walking Dead for 10 bucks, heck ya!

Did I? No. If you read my previous post about Thanksgiving at Disneyland, you’ll know that I was tired. I saw the full parking lot at Kohl’s as we pulled back into our neighborhood (before midnight), but I didn’t have it in me to deal with the rabid crowd.

I attempted a visit with my two children before lunch today. The overall atmosphere at Target and Kohl’s was calm. Deals? Just a few and I knocked off a few names on my Christmas list.

Cyber Monday? I’ll definitely log on from the comfort of my home.

After watching tonight’s evening news, from shootings and robberies in parking lots, to a woman pepper spraying customers so she could score an X Box, to police manhandling a grandfather rendering him unconscious, I’m glad I choose my comfy bed to the craziness of Black Friday.

Be safe shoppers, being shot in the leg or pepper sprayed…just not worth(ed) it.



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