Monday, October 22, 2012

Whoa, is Washington.

It can be hard to warm up to a place when the current temperature is 47 degrees. The sun is out, but the wind is very chilled here in Everett, Washington State. The month of October has been both a blur and a life changing time for my family.

I will say that the road kill is cuter in the Pacific Northwest than Southern Cali.

Aside from the 20 degree difference in temperature, Washington life has been slow. There isn’t much traffic, the commissary parking lot is never full and the chill and wet weather keeps people indoors. Maybe I can finish that new book I’ve been tinkering with yet! Or, maybe not. For now, my family is on the hunt for a home, a school for my son and a chance to empty the 300 boxes that were our life….which now sit in a cold, dark storage facility.

I did initiate my arrival to Everett with a Smashing Pumpkins concert. That rocked! Billy Corgan was great live and charming and humorous when he chatted with the crowd. My favorite exchange, "It's always awkward when the guy who gave you a colonoscopy earlier in the day is at your concert." Bassist, "True story?" Billy, "No, that just popped into my head."

I’ve noticed fewer Wal-Marts here. I’ve loved the autumn colors, my favorite being the blazing red trees. For the last week, my children have been yelling from their car seats, “Look mom! Another Christmas tree!” I must say the space and slower pace are refreshing. But, in the back of my mind, I miss the busy-ness of San Diego.

I look forward to making a mom-cave for myself where I can write out my creative frustrations.

There isn’t a lack of Chamorro love here either.

It’s strange to say I’m “homeless” in Washington for the time being because we’re not lacking in the basic needs for survival. The lodge is cozy and although we’ve had it to about here with boiled eggs, bagels and muffins for breakfast (their continental breakfast), we’re taken care of here.

Life changes, a shift in one’s reality are necessary sometimes. Thank you, Navy for that opportunity.

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