Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Comic Con Here I Come!

Comic Con Newbie!

Yes, Comic Con in San Diego is an exciting event. I’m thoroughly excited to the point that I’ve been planning my Thursday visit like a military leader. I’ve reconned the building, twice, Youtubed (this is a verb much like Google has become a verb—not verified) the horrific lines for Hall H and even coerced my wonderful cousins who live less than two miles away to let me and my children sleep over so I can sneak out before “Breaking Dawn” in hopes of lining up for the Twilight: Breaking Dawn panel. If you follow my blog, you know I do admire Robert, so I’m trying not to get too excited in case I don’t make the 6,000 attendee cut off for the infamous Hall H.

I know “real” Comic Convention enthusiasts hate Twi-hards or Twi-tards as we are often referred to, but everyone is entitled to their afflictions. I am definitely making the rounds of the comic book circuit on the proceeding days. I will take pictures of the many characters that will convene by the water. I’m particularly excited to see Wonderwoman or any strong (sexy) female characters. If I see a Harry Potter look-a-like, I’ll be posing with him too.

Hopefully, I can report back that I indeed saw the cast of Twilight: Breaking Dawn in person, even if they are microscopic. Wish me luck as I ride the teen/mom/grandma wave of estrogen into Hall H. Robward, here I come.

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