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Nerd Girl Gives Secret Shopper 5 Stars and a Glowing Review!

"The romance is chivalrous and fairly chaste which is a refreshing change from the current trend."--Julie

The 5 Star review by Julie of Nerd Girl has been posted on their website, Goodreads, Library Things (which I have to join now), Facebook, and Twitter; and she also took the time to support my indie efforts by adding the review and rating on Amazon.

The Nerd Girl Facebook page is followed by nearly 4,500 folks. I hope this boosts my story's reach.

I love the cool chicks at NERD GIRL! Click here to read.

Just Saying Friday....

I may have to start a Just Saying weekly blog post...I tend to notice trends, patterns, but not at a genius level...just a mere mortal level.

Rachel McAdams has met her quota on romantic movies involving time travel (Time Traveler's Wife and the upcoming, About Time). I get it, men will risk their molecular structure to travel time to be with her, again and again....she may as well be in a Dr. Who episode or two--give her a tardis (or this sexy dress), stat!
*Just saying.

I will say this red headed actor is intriguing.

The Perks of Being a 'Chamorro' Wallflower

"We accept the love we think we deserve."
In the span of 24 hours, I rented and watched (twice) The Perks of Being a Wallflower. And, aside from waiting to hear the lovely Emma Watson (aka Hermione Granger) slip in her American accent, I was totally engrossed in this movie. Logan Lerman plays the main character, Charlie, a flawed, hurt, nervous and shy car wreck, who despite all his history is determined to feel normal. He fortunately finds friendship with an older crowd and later realizes that his dark secret of abuse is shared by the one he loves. “I feel infinite.” Is a great mantra in this movie.

I’m a bit late in this review and revelation, but that happens, I’m a mom busy with other things in my reality. Don't let me go off on a tangent about the movie's awesome soundtrack either.

The movie I fall in love with always leads me to the author and book I want to sink my teeth into and sometimes, vice versa.

Stephen Chbosky was hands on with this project from day …