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“Atta Girl!” This one is for my DAD.

“Old as she was, she still missed her daddy sometimes.”Gloria Naylor

I miss my father. He passed away four years ago at sunset on Guam. My father was a once robust and menacing taotaomo’na of a man and without his good health, he deteriorated. In his final days, I could literally lift him as his weight fell below mine. He was six feet tall and once played high school football; scary enough for boys to avoid me altogether.

I was fortunate to spend the last three months of his life with him in 2007, leaving my duties as a military wife to oversee his return to health after a stroke. He was hopeful that he would be living in California with me, his toddler grandson, and my mom. We already purchased his one way plane ticket; instead I had to call my husband to our island home to bury my father.

I live my life and strive to achieve more so I can hear that “Atta Girl!” from him, even if he isn’t here to say it to me. He is the voice in my head. That internal drive that makes me yearn for …