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Betelnut Radio-The BBQ Show Interview

"If you do not breathe through writing, if you do not cry out in writing, or sing in writing, then don't write, because our culture has no use for it." Anais Nin

Support from Betelnut Radio's The BBQ Show meant so much to me. I was interviewed this past Thursday on air by Q and Joe Sav. It was a fun discussion about my books, and a great promotion for my efforts as a Pacific Islander author.

I was able to video tape it off my lap top, I'm not so tech savvy and the fliers the radio show created made me feel extra 'legit'.

Thank you again, Q and Joe Sav for featuring this Chamorrita author from Guam. I appreciate any support I can get.

NaNoWriMo 2013 Complete!

In the realm of ideas everything depends on enthusiasm... in the real world all rests on perseverance.--Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Just a quick note about how relieved I am that my YA novel, "Little Drummer Boy" is complete. That is the messy, disjointed, ugly baby that it is. The first draft is laid down at 50,034 words in 27 days. My biggest push was getting it done before Thanksgiving. And, I did it.

Thanks to my patient family.
Whew! Let's celebrate. I'm dancing like George Takei!

Happy to be the GUEST Blogger at Shannon A. Thompson's Website

I find inspiration by disconnecting for a moment from Facebook, Twitter, email, TV, etc. and just observing. It could be something as simple as an exchange between a mother and child, a glance between lovers or a flash of anger on a stranger’s face. The world around me without the filter of the internet is a great source of inspiration.-Tanya Taimanglo
The focus of my guest blog post is INSPIRATION. Click here to read more at Shannon's website.

Interview with an Artist--Stephen Tenorio Jr.

By Tanya Taimanglo
To see the world in a grain of sand, and to see heaven in a wild flower, hold infinity in the palm of your hands, and eternity in an hour.—William Blake
Today, my blog focuses on author and artist, Stephen Tenorio Jr. I’ve known “Steve” for decades, being schoolmates on Guam. But, it wasn’t until a cherished aunt shared a book with me, Stephen’s debut novel, An Ocean in a Cup did I make contact with him again. I was excited to see another Chamorro author, and with the common goal of bringing our literature to the forefront, Steve and I have corresponded on our chosen art forms from time to time.

Stephen’s oil painting graces the cover of his novel. I remember thinking, wow, he’s got a great eye for color and form (that’s the extent of my art critique skills). But, I was glad he was so multitalented.

When Stephen started posting photos of his new works and his current art show on Guam. I, being the cheerleader and support system I am, began sharing his information on

NaNoWriMo Take 2.

Excited to start my second year with NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month). I consider this the kick in the pants I need to get a novel first draft done. 50,000 words in 30 days. Not too late to start! Check them out too. Link HERE.

My working title is, Flies in the Vasoline. First POV of a teenage boy. Young Adult.

Writing music. Lots of Ed Sheeran, Hannah Trigwell, Boyce Avenue, covers and 90s rock.

Secret Shopper is FREE! eBOOK PROMO!

My romantic comedy, Secret Shopper is FREE! Yes. I make no coffee money from October 24-28 Pacific Standard Time, ends at midnight.

So get your EBOOK copy now and savor the funny, spicy, love story that is Phoenix and Thomas.

LINK here.

Hoping my gamble brings good things to this Indie Author and I hope you enjoy. Thanks, everyone!

Happy Birthday, Dad.

62 would have been a grand celebration.

My father remains in my heart,
Taken six years ago, too soon
I regret that he did not meet his
granddaughter, spunky and tough like him
or watch his grandson evolve,
smart and kind like him
He did not see my mother
flourish in his absence, despite her heavy heart
He did not witness
his daughter find her true calling
or his son carry on his passions
For these reasons I miss him so,
I urge those who have their fathers
To cherish the time you have
Six years later, and I’m still reeling
Regretting, remembering….all the things my father was
and all the things my father did not see

Tedy Gamboa Chargualaf, my latte stone

411Junkie Blog Interviews Me & Offers a Great Novel Review of Secret Shopper!

The 411 on me is that I was recently hosted by 411Junkie's Blog! Check out my author interview (she had riveting questions) and also the lovely book review of my romantic comedy, Secret Shopper.
An Indie Author is always grateful for anyone who shares their spotlight.

Read the Interview HERE.

Read the Book Review HERE. (Warning: Spoilers).

Don't forget to join my Rafflecopter giveaway of a signed copy of Secret Shopper! Just 4 days left. Click Here!

My First Rafflecopter Giveaway! Your Chance to Win an Autographed Copy of Secret Shopper!

I'm joining in on the Rafflecopter fun, hoping to bolster LIKES on my Facebook page, Twitter and Blog! So, knock yourself out with this Rafflecopter giveaway of an autographed paperback copy of my romantic comedy, Secret Shopper!

If you've read the novel, tell me about it in the comments and/or Amazon's rate and review option. If you haven't, I hope you do and thank you all!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

One Year...

The only reason for time is so that everything doesn't happen at once.
~Albert Einstein
This time last year, I was driving back to Vancouver, WA from watching The Smashing Pumpkins in concert in Everett. I had been in Washington State for just over 24 hours and was already recovering from my solo adventure to see Billy Corgan live.

With my bestie in tow, we checked out a local favorite for breakfast and drove around the city that would shortly be my home.

A year in the Pacific Northwest has been a whirlwind of fun, adventure and adjustment. Thus is the life of a Navy family.

The weather is turning cold again, and the leaves on the trees separating our home from the house behind us are beginning to change hues and are starting to thin. This means about six months of seeing into the lives of the neighbors I have yet to meet and vice versa. Although, we've met the lovely neighbors on our own street. Not to mention that we've met nearly all the Chamorros there are to meet i…

Cover Reveal! Jackson Paul Baer's The Earth Bleeds Red

Guam Goddess in Training is happy to help fellow author, Jackson Paul Baer reveal the cover of his upcoming novel, The Earth Bleeds Red (Pandamoon Publishing-October 2013).

Jackson graciously interviewed me in July 2013. Click here to check it out. So, helping him with his cover reveal is an honor.

Read the book summary here.
Scott and Jessie are a couple in love. Ashley, their only daughter, is 17-years old and has vanished; leaving behind nothing but a pool of blood. Her strange disappearance is quickly thought to be a homicide. Her cozy, northwest town is stunned when police find the body of another girl at the bottom of the Willamette River. The eerie signature found on the girl links to a monster dubbed the Hail Mary Killer. While Scott searches for Ashley, the FBI feels convinced that she is the killer’s latest victim.

In spite of three other bodies with the same distinct marking, no one prepared themselves for the discovery in southern Oregon. Local hikers stumble upon a car i…

With 2.5 Hours of 'Free Time', Comes Great Responsibility.

Two and a half hours alone…kids are in school(s).

What I feel like doing…

What might happen…

What I SHOULD do…

What my family THINKS I do…

What I really want to do

1) Read this *I hit the Library day one to pick up this hold.

2) Enjoy that *The lovely rain and greenery, the view from my home office.

3) Edit like a beast

But, I've dwindled a third of my time on Pinterest and with this Blog....okay, dirty dishes and unfinished novels, I'll be right there!

First world problems, wish me luck!

Nerd Girl Gives Secret Shopper 5 Stars and a Glowing Review!

"The romance is chivalrous and fairly chaste which is a refreshing change from the current trend."--Julie

The 5 Star review by Julie of Nerd Girl has been posted on their website, Goodreads, Library Things (which I have to join now), Facebook, and Twitter; and she also took the time to support my indie efforts by adding the review and rating on Amazon.

The Nerd Girl Facebook page is followed by nearly 4,500 folks. I hope this boosts my story's reach.

I love the cool chicks at NERD GIRL! Click here to read.

Just Saying Friday....

I may have to start a Just Saying weekly blog post...I tend to notice trends, patterns, but not at a genius level...just a mere mortal level.

Rachel McAdams has met her quota on romantic movies involving time travel (Time Traveler's Wife and the upcoming, About Time). I get it, men will risk their molecular structure to travel time to be with her, again and again....she may as well be in a Dr. Who episode or two--give her a tardis (or this sexy dress), stat!
*Just saying.

I will say this red headed actor is intriguing.

The Perks of Being a 'Chamorro' Wallflower

"We accept the love we think we deserve."
In the span of 24 hours, I rented and watched (twice) The Perks of Being a Wallflower. And, aside from waiting to hear the lovely Emma Watson (aka Hermione Granger) slip in her American accent, I was totally engrossed in this movie. Logan Lerman plays the main character, Charlie, a flawed, hurt, nervous and shy car wreck, who despite all his history is determined to feel normal. He fortunately finds friendship with an older crowd and later realizes that his dark secret of abuse is shared by the one he loves. “I feel infinite.” Is a great mantra in this movie.

I’m a bit late in this review and revelation, but that happens, I’m a mom busy with other things in my reality. Don't let me go off on a tangent about the movie's awesome soundtrack either.

The movie I fall in love with always leads me to the author and book I want to sink my teeth into and sometimes, vice versa.

Stephen Chbosky was hands on with this project from day …

Author Erin Albert interviews me...check out 12 Random Facts!

I've found a great circle of author friends who share their spotlight with a generous heart. Erin Albert is one of them. She is a YA writer. Albert's debut novel, The Prophecy is due November 2013! Please support her by liking her Facebook page.

CLICK HERE to check out the fun interview I did with her. Find out why I freaked her random fact #8! And, discover why I'm excited to have this guest blogpost come out today, July 24...Lynda Carter/Wonder Woman's 62nd birthday...random fact #4.

Bruno Mars Packs So Much YUM!

Date night with the hubby ended up being a Chamorro group fieldtrip to Seattle's Key Arena to watch Ellie Goulding open for the tiny and terrific, BRUNO MARS.

He was charismatic, sexy, musical (playing electric guitar and drums), and entertaining. He had my husband dancing and me and my girls hooting and hollering.

Just blogging for posterity. We sat as usual in our nosebleeds seats (still a whopping $50.00 each/parking another $10.00), section 206, row 13 (my special number), seats 1-7. Thank goodness for the large screens.

Footage from YOUTUBE, by fans with more expensive seats.



Jackson Baer Interviews, Tanya Taimanglo

"I’d say Scotland. I’d like to learn more about kilts and sip tea in J.K. Rowling’s castle, talk shop with her perhaps and dance to some Celtic jams." Tanya Taimanglo

Thank you to author, Jackson Baer for taking the time to interview me for his blog. Authors supporting other authors is so important. Check out the interview by clicking on the link below his picture. Be sure to follow his Facebook page too! His upcoming novel, The Earth Bleeds Red comes out September 2013.

Tanya Taimanglo INTERVIEW-Click Here!

I ♥ Boy Bands 4-Eva!

A 1980s/1990s teenage dream fulfilled with my bestie since the 10th grade this past Tuesday. We attended The Package Tour at the Tacoma Dome featuring Boyz II Men, 98 Degrees and The New Kids on the Block aka NKOTB. It was packed with women (and some men mercilessly attending with their chicks) who share the same rabid boy band obsession as me.

One thing about these now nearly middle aged men. They have all aged well, like wine, maybe a few like cheese--but I like both. And, they were punctual! Show started at 7:32 which was great. And, more impressive, no one in the audience (at least in my area) sparked it up....if you attend concerts, you know what I mean.

Boyz II Men sang gloriously and I was reminded of how much I love "Water Runs Dry."

98 Degrees were still hot. Nick Lachey, what can I say (my bestie's fave) and Jeff Timmons (my fave) still have the biceps and singing chops. Not such a fan of "Una Noche" but I was ecstatic that they ended with my favori…

Hey, Taimanglo! Can we go thrift shopping?

Yes. Readers you can pop some tags and get your copy of SECRET SHOPPER for just 99 cents!
Amazon, Kindle eBook only. Less than a buck for a digital copy of my novel. Good until the end of JULY!
Thanks in advance and enjoy! Don't forget to rate and review on Amazon.

*Don't forget you don't actually need a KINDLE to download. If you have a smart phone or droid, Google Play has a free Kindle app and you can buy your digital copy through that.

72, Seventy Two

72, that’s the number of books I’ve sold in 7 weeks.

For an INDIE AUTHOR, that’s satisfactory. 72 is average, right? I can’t have my husband retire from the Navy next year (and he technically can, reaching 20 years), but it’s a start. Mathematically, speaking in averages, that’s 10 books a week, every week for the last seven weeks. 72 books makes an Indie Author about $3.00 per print book and 60 cents or so per eBook, so I’ve made a little over a hundred bucks.

As a perfectionist, control freak over-achiever that I am, it’s not quite enough. Profit wise, it pays for a week of groceries, wait, my teenage nephew is visiting, it pays for three days of groceries.

A few things I want to clear up.
1. I’m defined as an INDIE Author because I am SELF-PUBLISHED. In the literary world, indie authors being self-published and all was looked down upon. We do things our way in regards to our books and promotion of it. This is a plus. The negative side, we don’t have a large powerhouse publishing …

It's a Book Trailer! I ♥ Animoto!

So, I just fervently created my own BOOK TRAILER for my novel, Secret Shopper. It was fun and FREE for 30 seconds or less on ANIMOTO... The music by Mike Schmid "To Show You My Love" is fitting....oh, the yearning.

I hope you will join my character's journey! Go, PHOENIX!

Mike Schmid's full song below! ♥ the LYRICS!

Follow my author page on FB...thanks!

The Indie Bookshelf REVIEW of SECRET SHOPPER, 4.5 STARS!

So, I'm really happy that my first official book review is completed and the results weren't as terrifying as I thought. I was hoping for 3 stars and a small blurb, praying they would put my Createspace created book cover up at the very least.
But, Erin Roth one of the fabulous reviewers who support INDIE authors did so much more. She gave me a perspective from someone other than a Chamorro. She helped me realize that my novel, Secret Shopper and my beloved character, Phoenix Lizama Farmer could survive outside the bubble of Guam or Chamorro life.

Erin gave Secret Shopper4.5 STARS out of 5. Be warned, there are many SPOILERS--so if you don't want to know yet (until you've read the book), check her review out later. You can read her full review by clicking here.
Secret Shopper was a fun, interesting book. I loved being immersed in the culture of Guam, a place I know little about--I'm a super dork, I had to wiki, and then spent at least an hour clicking around. Taiman…

Hip Hop Blog Wants to Interview Me? Time to Pump My Chest!

My friend, blogger, writer and mutual Guam Geek Nerd Herd Member, Michael Powell recently interviewed me for his BloodIsOne blog. It's a great blog that receives five times more views than mine, but its primary focus is Hip Hop music. I love me some Macklemore, but I'm known as a rock and roll enthusiasts among other genres. So, when Michael offered to interview me, I had to put on my big girl Wonder Woman underoos and dive in.

Here's a snippet. "I’m proud to be a geek, nerd, fangirl-- because, I appreciate the need to escape, the need to believe in a hero/heroine who can move mountains, because then it makes us believe that we can do the same. That belief is what fuels my writing. I love creating alternate worlds. I like creating my own heroes. Secret Shopper’s main character is Phoenix Lizama Farmer. Her first name is testament to my geekhood."
Here is the result. Click here.

Thanks for the support everyone! Hope you check out Secret Shopper on, my ro…

Secret Shopper, Making Headlines...

Book offers island life references, romance: Chamorro author Tanya Taimanglo's 'Secret Shopper'

My home"town"--island, rather has breaking news on my novel. Thanks to colleague and friend, Sandy Flores Uslander, my writing endeavors and new novel, Secret Shopper has reached the shores of Guam. I've done my best to make some waves from WA State, but it's nice to be in my hometown paper.

The link is here! GUAM PDN.

Sandy Flores Uslander also writes for the blog, and recently blogged about the article she wrote. So thankful! Read about it here. Click!
Can't wait to receive the hardcopy from my family.

Thanks for the support everyone!

You're an Author?

I am.
I will be.
I've always been.

To celebrate that, I finally have an 'Official Author Page'...cue in dramatic, sweeping symphony music.

So, if you would like to follow my Author Page and my writing adventures, or misadventures. Feel free to click here, and get ready to be whelmed, or overwhelmed and hopefully not underwhelmed.

And, if you have my novel, Secret Shopper, thanks! Let me know what you think and rate and review if you would be super helpful and greatly appreciated.


It's Getting Hot in Here...So, I 'Member Guam.

Whenever it gets warm stateside, I’m flushed with memories of my childhood on Guam.

A few things I miss, and others not so much….

1. Foremost Macadamia Nut Ice Cream—I used to excavate the tiny pieces of macadamia and save them for last. Like a squirrel, it was sometimes futile collecting per half gallon just about.

2. Ice Water Out of a Jar—Straight from the tap, we shared one large jar and had to wait for the white cloud to subside. I would watch it sizzle away, never questioning the health of that water. I’m fine today, except for the third eye behind my head.

3. Grease-The Movie, played every year. My parents didn’t care that I was eight and learning about sex and hickeys and working it. Lessons still not learned.“Tell me about it, Stud.”

4. Hagåtña Library-Even though I didn’t own an actual library card because my parents couldn’t be bothered to come in with me, they would occasionally drop me off to spend a few hours. A/C and books, a great combination.

5. Paseo-Walk…

Consumed by Art...When I'm not Writing.

So, I've been having much fun and 'therapy' with using my birthday gift...watercolor pencils. I released my novel about 3 weeks ago and maybe it's because I'm feeling a bit sad that it hasn't reached triple digit sales yet that I'm finding solace in creating art.

Okay, put your mini violins of sympathy away. Just happy to be afforded some time each day to paint/draw.

Carry on and thanks for the support!

If you've read my book (and three lovely women read it in one day or less--which is good, right?), please support potential interest/sales in SECRET SHOPPER by writing a review and rating it on Amazon. I have one great review, posted below. Much appreciated!
1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars An awesome story! May 14, 2013
By Sami

Format:Kindle Edition
I loved the story simply because it's like you can relate to it. I loved how respectful the author was in language. Probably because of her roots. And "Mufasa" …

Chamorro Mothers...Does this apply to you?

Sharing the link to Guahan Mommy's blog about a Chamorro custom.

Åmen – a term used with small children when directing them to kiss the hand of an elder.

I participated in this study and I'm happy to share. Check it out! Click on the title below.


In addition is a link to GUAMPEDIA's article on Nginge’. Click here.

Photo By: Tanya Taimanglo

Being a Loser, Meeting Joe Hill and $15.00 Parking

I’m a loser baby, so why don’t you READ me.Sorry, product of being a hip adult in the 1990s.

So, I’ve wanted to tie in my recent Round 2 loss in a blog and meeting Stephen King’s author son, Joe Hill yesterday in Seattle seemed fitting. So, I received my YOU LOSE notification several days ago from the NYC Midnight Short Storycompetition. The genre I wrote my entry for was GHOST STORY, Electrician and LOVE. I thought I did a good job, but found out from judges’ feedback that I left too many holes. One thing I was happy about was that the story came across as CREEPY/SCARY. “Moonbeams and Lightning Bolts” will be posted below along with the Judges’ critiques.

If you know my work, I’m not exactly in the same category as King or Joe Hill, writing fluffier stuff like romantic comedies. But, it’s like a switch turned on this week. I love watching scary movies. Sometimes by myself, in the dark…through my fingers or peering over my Hello Kitty blanket. So, why haven’t I read horror? I own a fe…