Hip Hop Blog Wants to Interview Me? Time to Pump My Chest!

My friend, blogger, writer and mutual Guam Geek Nerd Herd Member, Michael Powell recently interviewed me for his BloodIsOne blog. It's a great blog that receives five times more views than mine, but its primary focus is Hip Hop music. I love me some Macklemore, but I'm known as a rock and roll enthusiasts among other genres. So, when Michael offered to interview me, I had to put on my big girl Wonder Woman underoos and dive in.

Here's a snippet. "I’m proud to be a geek, nerd, fangirl-- because, I appreciate the need to escape, the need to believe in a hero/heroine who can move mountains, because then it makes us believe that we can do the same. That belief is what fuels my writing. I love creating alternate worlds. I like creating my own heroes. Secret Shopper’s main character is Phoenix Lizama Farmer. Her first name is testament to my geekhood."

Here is the result. Click here.

Thanks for the support everyone! Hope you check out Secret Shopper on Amazon.com, my romantic comedy novel needs some friends.


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