It's Getting Hot in Here...So, I 'Member Guam.

Whenever it gets warm stateside, I’m flushed with memories of my childhood on Guam.

A few things I miss, and others not so much….

1. Foremost Macadamia Nut Ice Cream—I used to excavate the tiny pieces of macadamia and save them for last. Like a squirrel, it was sometimes futile collecting per half gallon just about.

2. Ice Water Out of a Jar—Straight from the tap, we shared one large jar and had to wait for the white cloud to subside. I would watch it sizzle away, never questioning the health of that water. I’m fine today, except for the third eye behind my head.

3. Grease-The Movie, played every year. My parents didn’t care that I was eight and learning about sex and hickeys and working it. Lessons still not learned. “Tell me about it, Stud.”

4. Hagåtña Library-Even though I didn’t own an actual library card because my parents couldn’t be bothered to come in with me, they would occasionally drop me off to spend a few hours. A/C and books, a great combination.

5. Paseo-Walking around Paseo Park for exercise, then having Taco Bell after with my almost ‘nina’ and her son. That lesson of exercise so I can eat, all their fault.

6. Asan + Camel Rock + Low Tide= Aliling or sea snails. It was a family fun day, to have a bucket, mom’s enthusiasm and low tide in the village of Asan. I typically lagged behind my family, trying not to cut my feet on the jagged rocks, deathly afraid of attracting sharks. Once my tiny Korean mother hunted her weight in shells and sea snails, we headed home where only she and I would eat the chewy take out from the sea.

7. Sticking my face in the Family Freezer. Guam folk love their deep freezers. Meat doesn’t expire! Hot summer days, when my parents weren’t looking, my adolescent face was hanging into the freezer to chill out. Days before A/C was normal in the whole house.

8. Foremost Macadamia Nut Ice Cream. Oh, I mentioned that already? Sorry, I’m hungry.


  1. My favorite things and places in the world are so because of childhood memories.

    I visit Chocolate Shops just to buy one piece of Divinity Candy because of treasured chilhood memories. I'm allergic to chocolate, by the way.

    I drive to Muckleshoot Casino in Auburn, WA because it's where I can find Macadamia Nut Ice Cream (I don't like ice cream). One scoop and I'm home again!

    Childhood memories keep me young. ...A magical backpack of memories I carry with me everywhere I go.

    Thank you for sharing your stories, Tanya, you help to bring me closer to home.

    1. What a rebel! Buying things you're allergic too. :) Need to drive to Auburn for that Mac Nut! I love your line, "...magical backpack of memories..." Thank you for your comment. Always makes my day. Tanya

  2. Hi Tanya,

    I thought you should know if you happen to make the trip to Auburn for the ice cream and don't find it, ask the clerk if they have it available. It usually takes 10-30 minutes for them to bring it out, so plan ahead.


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