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Guam Goddess Blog is Uno!

Happy 1st Anniversary to my blog, Guam Goddess in Training.

Whew, a year. It’s Friday the 13th. A day, I’ve never been afraid of, because I was born on a 13th. And it fittingly marks one year of blogging. Nineteen entries, documented forever…..thank you to my 15 "followers."

I started my first entry on May 13th of last year, and now Robert Pattinson is 25. I feel less creepy about my “guaiya” for him, but my lust has moved from fiery to lukewarm…I’ll always be a fan though (thank you to my husband for allowing this adolescent thing to carry on). My husband is not buying the excuse of Robert being my MUSE for my novels anymore...although it's true.

My status as a domestic Guam Goddess is still “training” but improving everyday. Each day has been a struggle for BALANCE. If I focus on one part of my life too much, another part suffers…then the teetering begins and I struggle to keep on the balance beam of my life. (By the way, the picture of the tiger is credited when I Google…

Adios to my Grandmother, A Guam Goddess Come Full Circle

RIP-Julia Gamboa Chargualaf (Lang) 1/14/15 ~ 5/4/11

My paternal grandmother, Julia passed away. She was 96. It’s been two hours since I heard the news. I haven’t processed all my feelings yet. I am distressed that Guam is so far away. 6, 175 miles from Southern California to be approximate. Or as my son has realized, "It takes 3 jets to get there!" The mourning process is so part of our culture, nine days of rosaries, viewing, mass and burial, followed by more rosaries—all in head to toe black garb in 87 degree heat. If we’re lucky, balmy ocean breezes will soothe us, but never take away our sense of loss. The heat is a reminder that we are alive.

I’ve always said I would be at my grandmother’s funeral, no matter what. But, now my “no matter what” involves a son in school, my toddler, a Navy husband and a budget that is recovering slowly from another Guam funeral just four months prior.

My grandma outlived three of her children. She lived 41 years longer than my own father. I …