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Is the Sky Really the LIMIT? Let me get my ladder...

“Once we accept our LIMITS, we can go BEYOND them.”
--Albert Einstein

There’s an expiration date for everything. Your life, your relationships, your youth…my tolerance for certain people. (I do find the fact that my can of tuna won’t expire until my son is in middle school unnatural…but I digress).

2011 was set into motion quickly because on January 3rd, my mother-in-law passed away. She was only 61…young by today’s standards. My dad was 55-years-old when he died, my father-in-law, 58. I look at my mother, who is going to be 59 soon and hope only for her health and happiness. She wants to be around for when my children start college, hopes to see them married and prays to be able to hold her great-grandchildren someday (notice her focus on them--she's seen me all "growed" up enough). As a point of reference, my paternal grandmother turned 96-years-old the same day of my mother-in-law’s funeral. Let’s hope we all have an earthly visit that long.

Returning from 9 days on Guam…