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Author Erin Albert interviews me...check out 12 Random Facts!

I've found a great circle of author friends who share their spotlight with a generous heart. Erin Albert is one of them. She is a YA writer. Albert's debut novel, The Prophecy is due November 2013! Please support her by liking her Facebook page.

CLICK HERE to check out the fun interview I did with her. Find out why I freaked her random fact #8! And, discover why I'm excited to have this guest blogpost come out today, July 24...Lynda Carter/Wonder Woman's 62nd birthday...random fact #4.

Bruno Mars Packs So Much YUM!

Date night with the hubby ended up being a Chamorro group fieldtrip to Seattle's Key Arena to watch Ellie Goulding open for the tiny and terrific, BRUNO MARS.

He was charismatic, sexy, musical (playing electric guitar and drums), and entertaining. He had my husband dancing and me and my girls hooting and hollering.

Just blogging for posterity. We sat as usual in our nosebleeds seats (still a whopping $50.00 each/parking another $10.00), section 206, row 13 (my special number), seats 1-7. Thank goodness for the large screens.

Footage from YOUTUBE, by fans with more expensive seats.



Jackson Baer Interviews, Tanya Taimanglo

"I’d say Scotland. I’d like to learn more about kilts and sip tea in J.K. Rowling’s castle, talk shop with her perhaps and dance to some Celtic jams." Tanya Taimanglo

Thank you to author, Jackson Baer for taking the time to interview me for his blog. Authors supporting other authors is so important. Check out the interview by clicking on the link below his picture. Be sure to follow his Facebook page too! His upcoming novel, The Earth Bleeds Red comes out September 2013.

Tanya Taimanglo INTERVIEW-Click Here!

I ♥ Boy Bands 4-Eva!

A 1980s/1990s teenage dream fulfilled with my bestie since the 10th grade this past Tuesday. We attended The Package Tour at the Tacoma Dome featuring Boyz II Men, 98 Degrees and The New Kids on the Block aka NKOTB. It was packed with women (and some men mercilessly attending with their chicks) who share the same rabid boy band obsession as me.

One thing about these now nearly middle aged men. They have all aged well, like wine, maybe a few like cheese--but I like both. And, they were punctual! Show started at 7:32 which was great. And, more impressive, no one in the audience (at least in my area) sparked it up....if you attend concerts, you know what I mean.

Boyz II Men sang gloriously and I was reminded of how much I love "Water Runs Dry."

98 Degrees were still hot. Nick Lachey, what can I say (my bestie's fave) and Jeff Timmons (my fave) still have the biceps and singing chops. Not such a fan of "Una Noche" but I was ecstatic that they ended with my favori…

Hey, Taimanglo! Can we go thrift shopping?

Yes. Readers you can pop some tags and get your copy of SECRET SHOPPER for just 99 cents!
Amazon, Kindle eBook only. Less than a buck for a digital copy of my novel. Good until the end of JULY!
Thanks in advance and enjoy! Don't forget to rate and review on Amazon.

*Don't forget you don't actually need a KINDLE to download. If you have a smart phone or droid, Google Play has a free Kindle app and you can buy your digital copy through that.

72, Seventy Two

72, that’s the number of books I’ve sold in 7 weeks.

For an INDIE AUTHOR, that’s satisfactory. 72 is average, right? I can’t have my husband retire from the Navy next year (and he technically can, reaching 20 years), but it’s a start. Mathematically, speaking in averages, that’s 10 books a week, every week for the last seven weeks. 72 books makes an Indie Author about $3.00 per print book and 60 cents or so per eBook, so I’ve made a little over a hundred bucks.

As a perfectionist, control freak over-achiever that I am, it’s not quite enough. Profit wise, it pays for a week of groceries, wait, my teenage nephew is visiting, it pays for three days of groceries.

A few things I want to clear up.
1. I’m defined as an INDIE Author because I am SELF-PUBLISHED. In the literary world, indie authors being self-published and all was looked down upon. We do things our way in regards to our books and promotion of it. This is a plus. The negative side, we don’t have a large powerhouse publishing …