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Tanya University, I am a River Phoenix….

Well, not really, but you can find just about anything on-line. I am self-teaching on the subject of SCREENWRITING. I have grand dreams of writing a novel that will be adapted to a screenplay to be made into a movie.

So, my thinking, and with my impatience….why not just write a screenplay? The format and rules can be found on-line and I’ve ordered recommended books too. The entire screenplay for Thelma and Louise is in the mail; I purchased it on Amazon for 14 cents. Yes, 14 pennies.

So, I’m going to study and try paving my storylines on a screenplay template. I’ve downloaded and read memorable scenes from my favorite flicks. For example, My Best Friend’s Wedding, my favorite scene is when hunky Dermot Mulroney is singing to Julia on the ferry, he takes her in his arms and sings The Way You Look Tonight. So, I’ve read the scene in screenwriting format, then Youtubed the scene and watched it applied….since my revelation, I’ve been watching every movie with new eyes.

In novel writing, …

Short Stories vs. Novels

When eating an elephant take one bite at a time.”
Creighton Abrams

For me, writing short stories is very fulfilling. But as a mom of two little duendes and a wife of a wonderful taotaomona, I have small slices of time and focus for writing at any given time—typically late at night when the house is quiet. I can visualize a storyline, start to finish easy, but slapping down creative words to help the story flow is difficult.

So, since self-publishing my first collection of 13 short stories* and having two others in Storyboard 11, I am now focused on my romantic comedy novel. I have a trustworthy team of Beta Readers (explained in my previous blog entry). The manuscript is in its second incarnation. I wrote the first draft in about four weeks, three hours a night like a mad-woman. And, like many novice writers, I thought it was print ready. After several initial readers and a very expensive writer’s conference at SDSU, and a handful of rejection letters from agents (yes,…

July, Full of Life

The busy-ness of my weekends in July made this a memorable summer thus far. Comic Con lived up to my expectations. I was exhausted after each day. I did fulfill the goal of seeing Robert Pattinson in person for the Twilight: Breaking Dawn panel, to include the other major players such as Kristen Stewart & Taylor Lautner. I switched to survival mode, limiting sleep, water and food to endure the seven hour wait in line. Crazy?Yes. Rewarding?Definitely.Has my life magically changed since “seeing” Robert P. from 500 feet away?Not really.

Saturday was great as well at Comic Con, sitting in the Activision panel, listening to Stan Lee, Val Kilmer. Seeing Korean beauty, Jamie Chung and the dude who played Rex Racer in Speedracer wasn’t so terrible either. I got a strong craving to watch Sucker Punch after seeing Jamie C., fulfilled yesterday.

Random celebrity sightings on the exhibition floor was cool too(i.e., the back of Ginnifer Goodwin, "Something Borrowed").

My son got to mee…