July, Full of Life

The busy-ness of my weekends in July made this a memorable summer thus far. Comic Con lived up to my expectations. I was exhausted after each day. I did fulfill the goal of seeing Robert Pattinson in person for the Twilight: Breaking Dawn panel, to include the other major players such as Kristen Stewart & Taylor Lautner. I switched to survival mode, limiting sleep, water and food to endure the seven hour wait in line. Crazy? Yes. Rewarding? Definitely. Has my life magically changed since “seeing” Robert P. from 500 feet away? Not really.

Saturday was great as well at Comic Con, sitting in the Activision panel, listening to Stan Lee, Val Kilmer. Seeing Korean beauty, Jamie Chung and the dude who played Rex Racer in Speedracer wasn’t so terrible either. I got a strong craving to watch Sucker Punch after seeing Jamie C., fulfilled yesterday.

Random celebrity sightings on the exhibition floor was cool too(i.e., the back of Ginnifer Goodwin, "Something Borrowed").

My son got to meet two of the creators of Ben 10. I think I was more excited than he. My cousins stumbled upon and met and chatted with Matt Groening, creator of The Simpsons. My daughter wasn’t as afraid of the villains in costume or giant robots. And my hubby got to sit in the Castle panel and laugh at Nathan Fillion.

Two days ago, I was fortunate enough to attend L.A. Rising at the Los Angeles Coliseum. We missed the first two acts (on purpose), but planned our arrival to hear Lauryn Hill (who I found out just had her sixth child last week), Muse (my second concert in a year—I’ve met my quota), and Rage Against the Machine (these 40-somethings still have the fire). Watching Tom Morello work his magic on the guitar was, well, magical! I thought all the screechy DJ like scratch sounds I used to rock to were from a DJ, but realized as I watched the big screens focused on Morello’s hands that he was the Mastermind of all strange and wonderful sounds. To be a part of what I'm guessing to be 80, 000 plus fans (including Val Kilmer)….was AWESOME.

<=Matt Bellamy of MUSE is the Taki! (♥ his voice).
July was hyped up and played out great. I’m looking forward to a nice, warm August with my family as we gear up for more Navy living and school days. It feels great to be exhausted at the end of the day. Exhaustion from exhilaration is never a bad thing.

So, August, focusing on my novels, well one and a half, really. One completed draft is in the hands of two able and willing BETA READERS*, and I'm raking over my hardcopy before handing it over to a wonderful Navy wife who has agreed to check it out. I needed another BETA READER* who was not Chamorro or not familiar with Guam to read with fresh eyes. Goal: Get this novel to the lone agent who agreed to read my first 3 chapters almost 2 years ago…hope she hasn’t forgotten me. If she has…I will do my best to refresh her memory. I reluctantly call myself a Romance writer, but I guess I am, although my books would fall under Women's Lit, comfortably. I'm no harlequin style writer, more chic lit (which has been called derogatory)...I don't like to share story lines (much like an inventor wouldn't post blue prints of works not completed)...but a phoenix is a common theme and another Beta Reader (my best friend) said the first book was "very Bridget Jones's Diary--but with a Chamorro Chick."

I’m also excited because I’ve given two chapters of my new project (half way written) to Carlene Rae Dater, who was my writing mentor two years ago. She helped light a fire under my butt to right (write) until I was done….So, as if I’ve given my work to a professor for editing and a grade, I nervously await her reaction.

Esta Later!

*BETA READER: A beta reader (also spelled betareader, or shortened to beta) is a person who reads a written work, generally fiction, with what has been described[1] as "a critical eye, with the aim of improving grammar, spelling, characterization, and general style of a story prior to its release to the general public." The author or writer, who can be referred to as the alpha reader, may use several "betas" prior to publication. (Source: Wikipedia, because we all know what’s written there is FAKT. )


  1. ooh, i want to be a beta reader! :) all those details from comic con and celebrity sightings and that was the first idea that jumped into my comments...so proud of you and all your writing and finishing of projects! jealous, too...i love to write non-fiction (basically journal about my life) but don't have all the skills/motivation/follow-through you do along with story lines, etc. anyway, excited to read future works of yours as a beta reader or not!


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