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My Life as a Spy....Secret Shopper, Actually.

I was agent 213.

When I was a wee lass, at the age of 32, ahem. I was busy with a new baby and living a life in San Diego away from Guam. One day, my wonderful husband came home and said, “How would you like to eat sandwiches for free AND get paid?”

It was the most romantic thing he had ever said to me. (I kid).

So, I did a quick, over the phone interview, sounding as eloquent as I could. Guaranteeing my 1 ½ year old would behave when I would evaluate restaurants, and that I could speak and write ‘good’. (I kid).

So, I did this for almost 4 years. Secret Shopping.A shoppers dream come true, right?
Except, I wasn’t a shopper by nature. I would rather be sitting on those benches in department stores with the weary husbands, resting my feet while my spouse hunted and gathered. What I did have going for me were my powers of observation and the great skill of writing quick, dull-only the facts, ma’am write ups. I was paid between $8.00 and $12.00 a report, mileage sometimes included. I mad…

CHE'LU's 4th Annual Chamorro Cultural Fest in San Diego

If you plan to be in San Diego in March, celebrate with CHE'LU at the 4th Annual Chamorro Cultural Fest, March 23, 2013. Tell 'em Guam Goddess in Training sent ya'!

Video by Bryson Kim. *Link to his Photography website*

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A Smile from Lynda Carter (Wonder Woman)

When you're a Geek Girl and something you post on Lynda Carter's Facebook fan page gets attention, what do you do? You blog about it.

Yes, it could be an assistant responding, but let me relish in the fact that it might have been theWonder Woman, my childhood (ahem, and adulthood) hero who typed the simple smiley face for a Justice League coloring page I posted.

In September 2012, I posted like a real Geek Girl should, a photo of me in a WW cape. When 'Lynda Carter' liked it...whew, I was excited, only to find out that it was a lovely Latina who looks like her, loves Wonder Woman like me, but not the real deal. It was still nice....
Off my little Wonder Woman podium. Thanks for letting me share.

Here's a link to her fan page. Lynda Carter Facebook
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Kevin Smith, McFly and Writing Constipation

When I was 19, I took my first strides to being a writer. I was a sophomore at the University of Guam on a clear path to getting my degree in English and Secondary Education. My calling was literature, the beacon that took any spare moment of my time. I was reading and appreciating poetry and literature.

So, at 19, I pulled out my yellow notebook, wire ring and all, and outlined the story I was eager to flesh out. In my head, the entire book played out, the beginning scenes solidified on paper. I still have that notebook and the story is still swimming in my head. Its relevance and marketability now are questionable since I concocted it in the 90s. Jet City Woman. That was the title (I listened to Queensryche). Lynn Crow. The main character.

Aside from domestic goddess duties, Navy wife duties and weaving through our new Washingtonian status in Pac NorWest, I wake up every morning with the intent and sometimes a plan to write. Yesterday, I edited two chapters of my 2/3 finished nov…