A Smile from Lynda Carter (Wonder Woman)

When you're a Geek Girl and something you post on Lynda Carter's Facebook fan page gets attention, what do you do? You blog about it.

Yes, it could be an assistant responding, but let me relish in the fact that it might have been the Wonder Woman, my childhood (ahem, and adulthood) hero who typed the simple smiley face for a Justice League coloring page I posted.

In September 2012, I posted like a real Geek Girl should, a photo of me in a WW cape. When 'Lynda Carter' liked it...whew, I was excited, only to find out that it was a lovely Latina who looks like her, loves Wonder Woman like me, but not the real deal. It was still nice....

Off my little Wonder Woman podium. Thanks for letting me share.

Here's a link to her fan page. Lynda Carter Facebook
Esta Later!


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