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Let's Meet...M.B. Dallocchio, The Desert Warrior.

"Writing can't change the world overnight, but writing may have an enormous effect over time, over the long haul." --Leslie Marmon Silko

M.B.(Wilmot) Dallocchio first came onto my radar via my cousin/business partner at Guam Books and Beads, Alison Taimanglo Cuasay (Tasi & Matina). I recall Alison showing me Dallocchio's artwork. They share the commonality of being war veterans and Chamorritas and that made us both instant admirers of Dallocchio's art and writing. I was excited and honored to meet Dallocchio this past March in San Diego at CHE'LU's 5th Annual Chamorro Cultural Fest. The beauty of our meeting is that we are united in celebrating each other's works and I'm thankful that we have connected.
*@ CHE'LU's Chamorro Fest, March 2014. (L-R) Taimanglo, M.B. Dallocchio, Judy Flores, Alison Taimanglo Cuasay.
Here's the wonderful interview!

1. Labels can be bad, but with someone as multi-faceted as you—it helps us understand the …

Happy Father's Day

My father passed away seven years ago. His legacy has touched many aspects of my writing, coming through in my blog posts, demanding a major role in my romantic comedy, Secret Shopper and creating ripples in many of my short stories.

To say that I miss him is a major understatement. There are so many reminders and echoes of my father, Tedy Gamboa Chargualaf in my everyday life. Not to mention that my son looks like him, in stature, in his handsome face, in his kind heart and also at times in his stubbornness. I’m reminded that my father is absent in my daughter’s life at major milestones like her Kindergarten promotion this week or the fact that she finally has one of her baby teeth loosening. I know he would have loved her, so I remind my children (my son was 1 ½ years old when his ‘Tata Tedy’ died), that they are extensions of this great man I love.

To honor my dad this father’s day, I just wanted to share 7 memories, some sweet, some sour.

1. I’m a Mermaid.

Massachusetts. I was the …