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Loner Rebel Dandelion

"Coincidence is the word we use when we can't see the levers and pulleys."--Emma Bull

I went for an walk last night. Up the hill, down the hill, three miles based on my measurement with my van’s odometer a week prior. With thumping music in my ear and a lot of pretty spring blossoms to observe, I pushed upward. At the top of the hill, I marked my time and turned around, happy that the hardest part of my walk was over and it was all downhill from there.

I noticed two women and a girl of about 8 years old in front of me. The little one was loud and energetic and the two ladies looked more like her wranglers than the mother and aunt I assumed they were. I was about twenty feet away and changed my music to the last album by the Beastie Boys. I slowed my pace to maintain my distance from the trio, but the little girl noticed me right away. She stopped, looked at me intently and waved. I smiled and waved back and her wranglers ordered her to follow. She did.

They took a side st…

The Seattle Globalist Makes Us Feel Legit.

"Where Seattle Meets the World"

Thank you to The Seattle Globalist and writer, Dakota Alcantara Camacho for interviewing me and Chamaole Pino Restaurant owners, Melody Arreola and Chris Smith for this article. It's nice to have our fledgling group, United Roots recognized especially for our first event this Saturday in Everett. Here's the LINK!

Fliers Make Anything Official

My next Author Meet and Greet is at United Roots' Pacific Islander Arts and Crafts Showcase on April 26. I'm excited to meet people in the PacNorWest. Hope you'll be there! Thank you Reuben of Fliers Ink for the awesome flier. I feel 2legit now. Tanya Taimanglo

Hulk Smash, Gone Girl!

Gillian Flynn is one awesome writer. She sucked me into her novel, Gone Girl. Mostly I nibble books, but, before I hit page 100, I was scarfing down page after page-reading past my bedtime and forming emotional bonds with Amy and Nick. I just finished the last ten or so pages this morning.

Flynn sucker punched me by having Amy do a Jekyll and Hyde move in Part 2. I closed the book, embarrassed that I had been duped, angry to be suckered into caring for these characters like they were real. Amy cast me under her spell and like several other characters in the novel, I hated her.

Flynn was on my radar when I read about Reese Witherspoon's rabid fascination with Gone Girl. (Reese's production company optioned the rights) Then, Ben Affleck and Rosamund Pike were cast in the movie and I HAD to read it. So, while reading these very real (to me) events and characters, I kept thinking of Affleck and Pike and had yet another reason to despise Affleck (aside from the Batman thing, altho…

Being Chamorro, Missing My Father and Thomas Jacob Black.

Reflecting on my weekend in California.March 27-March 31, 2014

It had been a year and a half since I left San Diego, California. A place that became my home after I moved from Guam, the obligation of being a Navy wife. After 8 years of setting down semi-permanent roots, really being more like a potted plant, we moved north.

I had to loosen ties with the Chamorro group CHE’LU and hence my participation in their 4th Annual Chamorro Cultural Fest in 2013. (Don't get me started on my San Diego Comic Con withdrawal). But, this last weekend, I spent four days in California, attending the fest, the Uno Hit Conference and reconnecting with family and friends.

SATURDAY: Being at the fest was like I was set on a cultural recharge docking station. I didn’t realize how much I needed to reconnect until I was actually there. I enjoyed the sun that day. Jacobs Market Creek Plaza is really a little utopian gem with its mini cultural houses. It was great to see colleagues and friends and family. I…