Hulk Smash, Gone Girl!

Gillian Flynn is one awesome writer. She sucked me into her novel, Gone Girl. Mostly I nibble books, but, before I hit page 100, I was scarfing down page after page-reading past my bedtime and forming emotional bonds with Amy and Nick. I just finished the last ten or so pages this morning.

Flynn sucker punched me by having Amy do a Jekyll and Hyde move in Part 2. I closed the book, embarrassed that I had been duped, angry to be suckered into caring for these characters like they were real. Amy cast me under her spell and like several other characters in the novel, I hated her.

Flynn was on my radar when I read about Reese Witherspoon's rabid fascination with Gone Girl. (Reese's production company optioned the rights) Then, Ben Affleck and Rosamund Pike were cast in the movie and I HAD to read it. So, while reading these very real (to me) events and characters, I kept thinking of Affleck and Pike and had yet another reason to despise Affleck (aside from the Batman thing, although I think he can prove all us Geeks wrong) and loving and then despising Amy (with Pike's face). Because, I love Pike as an actress, it was hard to switch gears. Emotional whiplash, I tell ya'.

I don't typically rate or review books, and on Goodreads, I lazily assign stars, but no write up. But, darn it, Flynn. This book was a roller coaster ride. And, the ending made me feel cheap and unsatisfied. Bravo. That's what writers can do. That is a power some yield. I love super heroes, justice and all that. And, I don't like it when a bad person wins in the end. Amy kind of wins in the end, but she also loses. I don't want to throw out spoilers, but I needed to vent.

Gone Girl. You b*tch. Thank you for making me feel like a fool. I mean that in the nicest way possible.

I've decided to use my action figures to rate books. I give Gone Girl a resounding, HULK SMASH!


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