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Hu Guiaya Hao, CHE'LU! Adios...

"Don't cry because it's over. Smile because it happened." --Dr. Seuss

I no longer hold the position of Secretary and Board Member of CHE’LU (Chamorro Hands in Education Links Unity). I resigned tonight and attended my final Board meeting. It was bittersweet since the departure from this wonderful non-profit group was more because of my move to the Pacific Northwest this fall than anything dramatic or gossip-worthy.

I wrote up my short and sweet resignation letter 30 minutes before the meeting (I was dragging my feet, dreading this reality), prepared a pretty fruit platter and headed out. Making this break from the wonderful group of Chamorros I’ve grown so fond of was tough. I walked into the conference room, smiling; commiting in my mind to be professional and non-emotional. I joked that I always brought food when I’m about to break up with someone. The four members present laughed. I will miss my small audience, where I can discuss the culture, plan events, have a …

Onward Geckos! GWHS Class of 1992

"Every parting gives a foretaste of death; every coming together again a foretaste of the resurrection."-Arthur Schopenhauer

Hafa Adai! This blogpost is serving more as a virtual scrapbook for the 20th High School Reunion I missed on Guam this past weekend. A wonderful classmate added these videos to Youtube to share and I wanted to post it here for posterity.

Guam is a small island community, my high school of 200+ graduates even moreso, so I cherish the memories I had with this special group, even if I couldn't fly back to the island to enjoy. Hoping to be there for 25!

This photo of me and the gorgeous Lynda Carter has nothing to do with this post except I think I'm Wonder Woman and she really does want her cape back. Just look at her beautiful sneer.

And, because I love Wonder Woman...

How Do You Maintain MOMENTUM in your writing? Become Wonder Woman...

“One way to keep MOMENTUM going is to have constantly greater goals.”—Michael Korda

Much of the writing process, for me at least involves MOMENTUM. I love to write, to put a spin on a situation that marks it as my own. To present a character who is flawed but likeable, and as I venture into my writing projects, novels in various states of “done-ness” I realize that momentum is necessary to clack one domino to the other.

My son loves watching American Ninja Warrior, it’s like Wipeout without the hilarity and with buffer contestants. One obstacle course requires the warrior jump off a trampoline onto some ropes and swing Tarzan style. Without momentum, he is left bucking in the air just to get this rope to move forward. Often times, I feel like this man. Bucking on my own rope not achieving the momentum I want because I am other things in this world: mom, wife, and lazy bum.

Blogging, reading other authors’ work, journaling are all means of maintaining momentum for me.
So, taking time …