How Do You Maintain MOMENTUM in your writing? Become Wonder Woman...

“One way to keep MOMENTUM going is to have constantly greater goals.”—Michael Korda

Much of the writing process, for me at least involves MOMENTUM. I love to write, to put a spin on a situation that marks it as my own. To present a character who is flawed but likeable, and as I venture into my writing projects, novels in various states of “done-ness” I realize that momentum is necessary to clack one domino to the other.

My son loves watching American Ninja Warrior, it’s like Wipeout without the hilarity and with buffer contestants. One obstacle course requires the warrior jump off a trampoline onto some ropes and swing Tarzan style. Without momentum, he is left bucking in the air just to get this rope to move forward. Often times, I feel like this man. Bucking on my own rope not achieving the momentum I want because I am other things in this world: mom, wife, and lazy bum.

Blogging, reading other authors’ work, journaling are all means of maintaining momentum for me.
So, taking time to understand myself in this way is important; especially since my son is mastering his bassist skills on Guitar Hero to the tune of one of my faves, 311 and my daughter is busy creating a world with Hot Wheels and Ikea finger puppets. I’m bucking, wiggling like an idiot to maintain momentum. (G4pic)

I’m working on a new project, while letting others simmer. I’ve copied pictures from the web that will inspire me and found a home for this burgeoning story on my laptop (the best anniversary present from my hubby, ever-2009).

I don’t want to share too many details about this new story, but I will say she’s a teenager searching for identity. I’m melding the Chamorro culture in there (because the world needs to be enlightened about us) as well as my love for super heroines…directly influenced for my love of Comic Con…obviously. So, I will hunt beta readers soon, keeping in mind my 14 year old niece as a beta reader. (This is her warning, if she’s reading this blog).♥♥♥

The scenes of this new novel burst into my brain at weird times, when I’m washing dishes, vacuuming, cooking—(get the sense that I’m a busy domestic goddess?)…at all times, flashes of inspiration consume me. So, I get them in place, get frustrated when the dots don’t connect, but I know. I know this process requires time, a slice of peace and quiet—especially when the kiddies are asleep, and organization. I know how my story starts, where it ends and several scenes in between. It’s getting the momentum to leap from one scene to another that I’m developing.

I guess MOMENTUM is true for anything we choose to do in life. I’m working on my literary stamina, while also keenly aware that I need to apply this to other aspects in my life. Nevermind that in three months our whole life in SoCal will be uprooted as we travel north to life in Washington State. In my Wonder Woman mind, I will complete this new novel, edit the old and jump start another. All the while, mothering, wifing and packing. I can do this. I can do this. I can do this.

Esta Later!


  1. You are an inspiration...I can feel your momentum when I am in your presence yet also appreciate when you take the time to slow down and savor moments with me...always love the details you weave into the bigger issues in your writing...hoping to squeeze in lots of memories together before you head north :)

    1. Thanks, Denise! Your friendship and energy give me momentum!


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