Hu Guiaya Hao, CHE'LU! Adios...

"Don't cry because it's over. Smile because it happened." --Dr. Seuss

I no longer hold the position of Secretary and Board Member of CHE’LU (Chamorro Hands in Education Links Unity). I resigned tonight and attended my final Board meeting. It was bittersweet since the departure from this wonderful non-profit group was more because of my move to the Pacific Northwest this fall than anything dramatic or gossip-worthy.

I wrote up my short and sweet resignation letter 30 minutes before the meeting (I was dragging my feet, dreading this reality), prepared a pretty fruit platter and headed out. Making this break from the wonderful group of Chamorros I’ve grown so fond of was tough. I walked into the conference room, smiling; commiting in my mind to be professional and non-emotional. I joked that I always brought food when I’m about to break up with someone. The four members present laughed. I will miss my small audience, where I can discuss the culture, plan events, have a sense of pride in my Chamorro heritage. I will miss that they laugh at my crazy jokes and suggestions. I’m still hoping that the theme they choose for March 2013’s Chamorro Cultural Fest will be “We’re Pika and We Know It.” (Think LMFAO’s party song).

My jubilant demeanor was shattered when Jojo arrived. She beelined for me and we hugged in a corner of the room. She whispered many thanks and love and support. She cried, then I cried like a baby. Jojo is like a mom to me and one of the main reasons I even joined this awesome group in the first place.

So, I have final minutes to write up tonight. I will do it happily, with care and with a sense of pride. I will miss this group and my role in it. I was ironically asked to sign on as their grant writer, and after two and a half years, never really won a grant for the group, until this week that is. We achieved an SDG&E grant based on my write-up and I secretly sighed in relief that at least I had that.

So, the torch was passed to a very able-bodied Superwoman in our group. The whole tribe is composed of Super Women and one lucky dude. The Board is making strides to fill in my spot and added more to snag willing Chamorro professionals in San Diego. I can’t wait to see the great things that they will continue to accomplish.

I am gladly taking the smaller role of Communications Advisor.

So, CHE’LU, thank you for being that safe haven for me to FEEL my Chamorro-ness. It’s been a great run.
*Photo by Bryson Kim

I love you all.

Esta Later!


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