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My Literary Marathon--Screenplay is Kerplunk!

“Write without pay until somebody offers to pay.”—Mark Twain

Two major events happened this past week. First, Alison and I—Guam Books and Beads, made our second appearance at the Jacob’s Center/Market Creek Plaza’s 6th Annual ARTS and CULTURE FEST. The second is something I didn’t quite advertise on Facebook.

I became obsessed with screenwriting and devoured books, blogs and websites on the subject. After five weeks of extreme focus, as much as a mother of two young ones can muster, I completed a 99-page screenplay. I explained the storyline to three people; I didn’t have it viewed by someone else due to time, so I spent hours editing, rewriting and obsessing. I was racing towards a writing competition, the Bluecat Screenplay Contest. The deadline was the day of the Festival-October 15th; so, for ease of mind, I submitted everything the day before. After tweaking the scenes and dialogue, I registered my “product” with the Writer’s Guild of America-West and submitted it electronically w…

Now that the dust has settled...PIFA 2011

"Change your opinions, keep to your principles; change your leaves, keep intact your ROOTS."--Victor Hugo

I must say that my first time as a vendor at PIFA (Pacific Islander Festival Association) was rewarding. Now that the dust has settled, I reflect on last weekend and smile. As an author, pushing my two books and selling my words, it was financially the best event I have participated in. I was the “Featured Author” (along with Alison) of Guam Batik Gallery, with well-known artist from Guam, Judy Flores. It was an honor to be with her, Sandy and their family as well as Islander Registry’s John and Tina Cruz and family. It felt more like hanging out than work. Having my wonderful husband available and not on duty that weekend was a plus as he caught up with quality time with our children.

The business contacts and rewards were great, but the best part of the weekend was meeting cousins, old friends from high school and most important my former John F. Kennedy High School st…