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It Has Begun! Book One Hitting the Presses!

Sirena: A Mermaid Legend from Guam is hitting the presses! I just approved the final proof and cover for my first self-published book. I will be retelling Guam legends with the artistic genius of my little brother, Sonny Chargualaf. On a side note, the first proof was ready on the death anniversary of Bruce Lee….cue eerie music now. B.L. fan in the bloghouse.

We have dedicated this first book to our late father, Tedy Gamboa Chargualaf. I can only hope that he is looking down from heaven, happy and proud that his children are continuing his legacy to perpetuate the Chamorro culture.

Your support is appreciated. is the self-publishing company I chose. Being a writer within the niche of Chamorro culture, it was the most reasonable way of getting this particular book published. The children’s book will be ready to purchase by October 2010, which is a fitting way to remember our dad for what would have been his 59th birthday. Ordering directly from will get yo…

Bruce Lee, Tattoos, Doubt, Lily Pads and Jillian Michaels—Seemingly Random

There’s an image in my head taunting me. It’s me, but as my more realized, perfected self. She’s strong, smart and sexy. She’s lean in every sense of the word and in balance with the world.

I’ve had this goddess version of myself in my head for awhile, but I feel sluggish in the attainment of that goal. I know my vices, my weaknesses, yet I continue to fall into the traps that delay my progress. Self sabotage is my specialty. How long can my fear that no one will recognize me if I lose weight hold true? Who cares if they don’t? Right?

There was a time I was obsessed with BRUCE LEE. My Chinese college professor asked us to write a paper on a “hero.” So, being 21 and totally into my Korean heritage and all things Asian, I wrote about Bruce Lee. I received an A, but the professor laughed as he passed me the paper saying, “How can you, a girl from Guam, love Bruce Lee so much?”

I think that DOUBT is squatting in my soul…planted by my parents (unknowingly), reaffirmed by professors, teachers,…