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Chamorro Mothers...Does this apply to you?

Sharing the link to Guahan Mommy's blog about a Chamorro custom.

Åmen – a term used with small children when directing them to kiss the hand of an elder.

I participated in this study and I'm happy to share. Check it out! Click on the title below.


In addition is a link to GUAMPEDIA's article on Nginge’. Click here.

Photo By: Tanya Taimanglo

Being a Loser, Meeting Joe Hill and $15.00 Parking

I’m a loser baby, so why don’t you READ me.Sorry, product of being a hip adult in the 1990s.

So, I’ve wanted to tie in my recent Round 2 loss in a blog and meeting Stephen King’s author son, Joe Hill yesterday in Seattle seemed fitting. So, I received my YOU LOSE notification several days ago from the NYC Midnight Short Storycompetition. The genre I wrote my entry for was GHOST STORY, Electrician and LOVE. I thought I did a good job, but found out from judges’ feedback that I left too many holes. One thing I was happy about was that the story came across as CREEPY/SCARY. “Moonbeams and Lightning Bolts” will be posted below along with the Judges’ critiques.

If you know my work, I’m not exactly in the same category as King or Joe Hill, writing fluffier stuff like romantic comedies. But, it’s like a switch turned on this week. I love watching scary movies. Sometimes by myself, in the dark…through my fingers or peering over my Hello Kitty blanket. So, why haven’t I read horror? I own a fe…

Autographed Copies for Sale! Secret Shopper

Secret Shopper has its own PAYPAL button. $20.00 for an autographed copy which includes shipping (to Guam, Hawaii and Continental U.S. only). Just received my first bulk order of 20 books, so get yours soon.

Thanks for the support. Paypal button is top right of my blog page.

The Perks of Being a Writer

As a writer, I know that my passion in life will never really pay the bills. Although, there may be a perception that just because someone is published—indie or otherwise, that they are rolling in dough. I will attest to the fact that I am not. And, I’m learning to be okay with that. Right now, I’m polishing a short story for the Carve Magazine contest—due today, I might add. It’s a $17.00 entry fee with the chance to be published in their literary magazine and win some cash. I shouldn’t be blogging, but I am, because that’s what writers do. We write, then need a distraction. So, since this morning, I’ve done domestic goddess duties while needing a break from writing. I’ve joined another short story contest and should know by tonight if I made it through to Round 3 (NYC Midnight Short Story Contest).

My novel, Secret Shopper, debuted last week. And, I’m doing my best to see the positive. I am reaching out to media sources trying to get a spotlight on my work. I’m sending a copy to a C…

Why Monarch Butterflies are Bad Muthas

I’ve always loved tigers, orange and black creatures are cool and I’ve added the monarch butterfly to this short list.

Yesterday, I chaperoned my son’s 2nd grade fieldtrip into the city. Aside from my concern about being in a school bus and driving 30 miles south into bustling Seattle, I was tasked with watching three children other than my own. With chaperone sticker on my chest, I kept a sharp eye on the two boys (one my own) and two girls as we wandered through the amazing Pacific Science Center.

First order of business was wrangling the hundreds of children into the IMAX Theater. We watched The Flight of the Butterflies in 3D. In general, I loathe 3D movies because they have no respect for personal space. And it may be just me, but it makes me feel nauseated. But, the 45 minute movie was both entertaining and educational. (And hilarious, since the children kept swatting at butterflies that weren’t really there). I didn’t realize that the Monarch was such a bad ass. Evolution-wise…

Secret Shopper is NOW AVAILABLE!

Happy to share that a week earlier than I anticipated, my romantic comedy novel, SECRET SHOPPER is now available in paperback form $12.99 or Kindle eBook $4.99.

Link here!

After moving to California from the tropical island of Guam, Phoenix Farmer’s marriage to her high school sweetheart, Bradley unravels. Forced to find a job, she retreats into the world of SECRET SHOPPING and thrives. As Phoenix discovers her true self without Bradley, she becomes an unwilling goddess with the help of her best friend Rachel. She snags the attention of Thomas-the creative, handsome and persistent target she has been assigned to evaluate. Can she hold off Thomas’s charm until her divorce becomes final? What will she decide when her father falls ill unexpectedly and pulls her back to Guam?

Hope you all enjoy and thank you for the support!

Happy to see the UPS man? Why, yes, I am!

Proof copies arrived, time for last minute edits (never ending torture for writers, but a necessary evil). I ordered way too many PROOFS, but will edit happily. Then, stare lovingly at my first crop of books, which just moved into my Guam books library.

Secret Shopper shaping up for you all!