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NaNoWriMo 2015 Finished.

I was motivated to get my 50K words out for NaNoWriMo in 20 days. Did it in 24 because, life. I was extra motivated because of Tae Kwon Do. Namely, the exam that awaits me on December 5th. I was additionally motivated to complete before Thanksgiving so I could watch Mockingjay 2. Whatever pushes you, right?

Wonder Fall, first draft, completed at 50,013 words. Thank you, NaNoWriMo. Can't wait for my winner's shirt!

Drops mic.

Twyla Tharp. She's a Rock Star.

I was headed to my Tae Kwon Do Instructor's Training Camp in Bellingham last Saturday. It was raining, gray, the usual for PacNorWest. I was wondering why I was torturing my 41 year old body with extra martial arts training trying to achieve more levels than the black belt I already had. Why bother for more? I asked myself. Why do this extra training when I know that it will be two days of muscle aches (before recovery) and mind twisting to remember hundreds of moves I'm required to learn from white belt to danbo level? Self-doubt is normal for me.

I wasn't in the mood for music. I just wanted to hydrate, and counteract that hydration by sipping my coffee, and focus on my one hour drive. When I'm pensive, I prefer to listen to talk radio. Lucky for me, Twyla Tharp's interview was on. A 74 year old woman, doing what she loves. Dance. She described her journey so eloquently. She made me want to be better at the passion of my choice. I am thankful for hearing the inte…

ChaNoWriMo about NaNoWriMo-Full Interview Here

My Name is Tanya.
I love NaNoWriMo. National Novel Writing Month.
I love ChaNoWriMo. They gave me an opportunity to share my strategies to surviving 30 days of writing to reach the goal of 50K words.

They've been sharing bits of the interview on their wonderful Facebook page. Be sure to like them by clicking here. In case you missed those tidbits, here's the full meal.

Thank you and good luck if you're taking on NaNoWriMo. Click here for more information about this wonderful writing challenge.

1. What first got you interested in NaNoWriMo / ChaNoWriMo?

With NaNoWriMo, I can’t pinpoint how it came to my attention, but I believe it was via Facebook, perhaps a post from an author I follow. We were new to Washington State, making a long journey up the Pacific Coast for about a week in October. Once we settled in the area, but before we found our home, I remember being at our lodge and deciding to go for it. I needed a distraction from the stress of our long journey. I…

Let's Support Art and Writing! The Dark Reaches

Here's a Kickstarter Campaign that’s personal to me. My kid brother, awesome artist (HeroesandHeadkicks), Sonny Chargualaf is to be included in some major artist company and I couldn’t be more proud. Literally, I’m so proud, I’m blogging about this before my morning coffee and that’s a big deal.

The Dark Reaches is a horror anthology spearheaded by Rus Wooton (The Walking Dead). With your support, this project can take off.

Thanks in advance! Share and share and share. Link here.

Tae Kwon Do / About a Boy / Black Belt

I received my Tae Kwon Do black belt yesterday. It was the best thing I could do for myself. A twenty five year journey with stops and starts. Below is the 500 word essay I was required to submit for my testing criteria. I share it now...

My Tae Kwon Do Journey

February 2015

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”—Lao Tzu

My journey in Tae Kwon Do began 25 years ago when at the age of 16, I joined my first dojang in Guam. I had been familiar with this school for four years prior, but never had the courage to join the class. I sat in the back while my two younger brothers moved up in the ranks. During those four years of observation, many of the tenets of Tae Kwon Do seeped into my being. My father would nudge me to join from time to time, but not having the courage to do so, I declined, even when my father added, “You need to honor your Korean culture and mom by joining.”

My first Master, Hyung Ho Lee was young, skillful, and proud. Classes wer…

Guam Goddess in Training Does a Book Review! 'Scarlet Lies' By Lani Young

“Scarlet, are you a cynic?”
“No, I’m a realist. I think you’ll find many romance writers are.”


This is a book review of Lani Young’s‘Scarlet Lies’(Book One of the Scarlet Series). I was excited to receive this book from Lani herself in April. There are so many reasons I love anything Lani does and so many ways I loved ‘Scarlet Lies’ even before reading it. For one, Lani has become one of the strongest female voices for Pasifika writers. Her ‘Telesa’ series (YA) is a force upon itself. Young’s work is important because it offers islanders of all backgrounds a connection to characters who reflect their culture. We need more stories about US in this sea of literature, and she is a

I nibbled at ‘Scarlet Lies’ at first, getting to know Scar, the heroine of this story. Sometimes I devoured entire sections of the book; much like Scar would when faced with a tasty dessert. I had many LOL moments and many moments of cultural connectedness. I’ve discovered…

Solitude Makes Me a Better Me.

"I only go out to get me a fresh appetite for being alone."
--Lord Byron

Random fact: I attended both my junior and senior high school proms alone, or stag as it was called. I didn’t stress that I was dateless. I had my bestie with me and we had fun. I only bring this random fact up because as I was sitting in my mechanical massage chair getting a pedicure yesterday, and the many young ladies around me were discussing prom. I was privy to their schedule for the day, with nails getting done, hair and make up later and so forth. It was nice to see their enthusiasm. It’s been great seeing my friends' children’s prom pics on Facebook, reminding me that time has surely flown.

I have a good seven years or so before my first born is in the throngs of prom season. I want him to know, and my daughter to know when it’s her time that going “stag” or whatever they may call it in the future is fine. Not going at all, not a big deal either. You won’t get screwed up later in life despi…

United Roots Event-Island Night at The Jet Club

Me, stay out until 2:30 AM? Unheard of, at least in the last ten years (I even wore contacts, that's major). But, being a part of United Roots, a group gelling to promote Guam/Marianas culture, I did. I'm happy to be connected to a group of twelve talented Chamorros/Guamanians. Just sharing the Animoto videos I created to commemorate last night's fun.

Biba, Chamorro! Biba, Guam! Biba, Ma Tulaika! And, Biba, to cha cha dancing in a 2' x 5' space. It was awesome to see our elders smile, dance, and enjoy.


Matilda does the LIBRARY correctly.

Emerald City Comic Con

Mission meet Stan Lee. Complete. Excelsior!

Mission meet Isaac Marion, author of Warm Bodies (which is also a good movie). Complete.
“In my mind I am eloquent; I can climb intricate scaffolds of words to reach the highest cathedral ceilings and paint my thoughts. But when I open my mouth, everything collapses.”
Isaac Marion, Warm Bodies

Emerald City Comic Con became a lovely reality when my awesome husband said, "Go, forth, Geeky Wife and have fun."

So, without a pass, and with a fellow Geeky mom, we set off early to Seattle. Within three minutes of arriving we were armed with passes and off exploring.

It was my first excursion to Emerald City's version of Comic Con, but it won't be my last. It was a manageable con, after what I like to think is a crazy big con; being initiated via San Diego Comic Con in 2011 and 2012. If you're afraid of large crowds, then that's not the con for you. But, ECCC might be your fit.

Overall, I was happy with ECCC. There wer…

Once Upon a Mickey.

Childhood is measured out by sounds and smells and sights, before the dark hour of reason grows. ~John Betjeman, Summoned by Bells
Mickey Mouse and Disneyland were never big highlights in my life. Wonder Woman and Bruce Lee, well that’s another story if you know me. I didn’t actually set foot in Disneyland until I was 28 during a vacation with my fiancé in California.

But yesterday, when I walked into a thrift store to scour shelves for books, comics, or geek toys, (my regular pastime), I found a vintage Mickey Mouse piggy bank and I didn’t even realize that I missed it until I saw his cute self on the toy shelf.

I had a similar 1971 Mickey bank as a child in Massachusetts. I recall that when my dad left the Army for life back in Guam, that bank made it home with me. I can’t tell you when Mickey left my life, but I’m quite sure I had him throughout my grade school years. I remember collecting my coins from chores and birthday gifts into that Mickey. I remember my grandpa on the hard …

Finally... effort to promote Chamorro Writers.

Happy New Year.

Sharing this link and a list of Chamorro writers. Happy to be #67. Yeah, it's in alphabetical order. Needed this to fuel more writing inspiration.

Click on the LINK here.

Here's my author page for the latest. Facebook, Tanya Taimanglo.