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We Have Lift Off! Well, a Commercial....

Quite excited about Betelnut Radio's commercial for our 3rd Annual Chamorro Cultural Fest! More steps in the right direction for CHE'LU and Guam Books and Beads. This is the culmination of awesome Chamorro networking. We need more of that, support, praise, positive energy in our community.

Hooray! I blogged on February 29th! Here's to a productive leap year.

Me + CHE'LU = Doing What I Love and Loving What I Do!

“A nation's culture resides in the hearts and in the soul of its people.”--Mahatma Gandhi
With the momentum of CHE’LU’s 3rd Annual Chamorro Cultural Fest beginning, I wanted to capture the excitement and pride I have in being one part of this wonderful non-profit group, Chamorro Hands in Education Links Unity. We had our second planning meeting this morning, and I find that after every gathering I come home proud, refreshed and excited about my culture, the Chamorro culture. The 25 individuals who carved out time in their day to join forces work hard to put on a party like no other in San Diego, one specifically geared towards Chamorros and those who love Guam/CNMI and the culture.

Our 3rd fest is expected to draw approximately 3,000 people since we have grown every year. Our Board of Directors and its volunteers contribute so much of their heart and it’s evident in the festival—an 8 hour party with entertainment, ethnic food, vendors and workshops. My group, Guam Books and Beads

Remembering Brandon Lee

Happy 47th birthday to the Dragon's son.

So, I posted this one line above last night, on the actual birthday of Brandon Lee. I can’t lie, when I was a teenager, I dreamed of marrying him one day. Bruce Lee’s son! I was going to be Brandon’s wife, chill with Shannon (his gorgeous sister) and have Bruce Lee’s grandchildren…

Anyway, being 18 and still obsessed in anything Bruce Lee, I followed Brandon’s acting career. The Crow was in production, then the worse happened. He died as a result of an injury he sustained on the set. This was 1993. The movie was completed and I waited and waited (on Guam) for its release. I was 19 by this time. This was before streaming video, Youtube and instant gratification of any sort. So after 4 months, I sat in the theater with my youngest brother. I was tense and emotional throughout the movie, wondering if they would show the scene in which he was shot (doubting they would). I came out of the movie, satisfied, sad and emotionally drained.

I was gla…