Remembering Brandon Lee

Happy 47th birthday to the Dragon's son.

So, I posted this one line above last night, on the actual birthday of Brandon Lee. I can’t lie, when I was a teenager, I dreamed of marrying him one day. Bruce Lee’s son! I was going to be Brandon’s wife, chill with Shannon (his gorgeous sister) and have Bruce Lee’s grandchildren…

Anyway, being 18 and still obsessed in anything Bruce Lee, I followed Brandon’s acting career. The Crow was in production, then the worse happened. He died as a result of an injury he sustained on the set. This was 1993. The movie was completed and I waited and waited (on Guam) for its release. I was 19 by this time. This was before streaming video, Youtube and instant gratification of any sort. So after 4 months, I sat in the theater with my youngest brother. I was tense and emotional throughout the movie, wondering if they would show the scene in which he was shot (doubting they would). I came out of the movie, satisfied, sad and emotionally drained.

I was glad to find out that Brandon had a lovely fiancee’, but sad that they never got married or had children (yes, I thought it would be me-but I’m also a realist). I remember showing a magazine photo of Brandon and his gorgeous wife-to-never-be to my mom and she said, “Too bad they didn’t have children. Did they?” No. No legacy.

Moving on, Brandon would have been 47. I’m sure he would have still looked great, practicing martial arts, filling in the niche of action hero, maybe making a leap to dramatic roles. He had the chops.

With that said, here’s to living your life to its fullest potential. Something I struggle with daily. The people who die young, like Brandon and his father, Bruce, who are full of talent, life and awesomeness—they burn bright and explode with beauty. A quick firework show for us to enjoy in the short time it’s on….but always remembered.



  1. He's awesome and epic character of The Crow, love him... a great actor... with a great skills \m/


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