Tanya University, I am a River Phoenix….

Well, not really, but you can find just about anything on-line. I am self-teaching on the subject of SCREENWRITING. I have grand dreams of writing a novel that will be adapted to a screenplay to be made into a movie.

So, my thinking, and with my impatience….why not just write a screenplay? The format and rules can be found on-line and I’ve ordered recommended books too. The entire screenplay for Thelma and Louise is in the mail; I purchased it on Amazon for 14 cents. Yes, 14 pennies.

So, I’m going to study and try paving my storylines on a screenplay template. I’ve downloaded and read memorable scenes from my favorite flicks. For example, My Best Friend’s Wedding, my favorite scene is when hunky Dermot Mulroney is singing to Julia on the ferry, he takes her in his arms and sings The Way You Look Tonight. So, I’ve read the scene in screenwriting format, then Youtubed the scene and watched it applied….since my revelation, I’ve been watching every movie with new eyes.

In novel writing, I have to be wordy, paint a clear picture, choose my words carefully. In screenwriting, it’s blunt, still making lovely pictures, but with less constraint.

Now, I am well-aware that film students spend years learning the trade, paying big money for courses. I don’t have that luxury, so I’ll make due and try my best.

<---"Domestic Goddess",influenced by multi-armed Indian goddess Kali and the madcap, mid-century artwork of Jim Flora and Joan Miro

I have my eyes on some competitions and the steps needed to garnering attention. But, step one, write the darn thing. So, with that said, I’m off to create a world, made of scenes from my cluttered brain.

INT. Tanya’s Kitchen-Day


TANYA, 30s, mother of 2, domestic goddess, smiles as she types away on her laptop, her children are O.S. giggling. Tanya gulps the last of her coffee, cracks her knuckles, and . . .

Wish me luck!


Esta Later!


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