I ♥ Boy Bands 4-Eva!

A 1980s/1990s teenage dream fulfilled with my bestie since the 10th grade this past Tuesday. We attended The Package Tour at the Tacoma Dome featuring Boyz II Men, 98 Degrees and The New Kids on the Block aka NKOTB. It was packed with women (and some men mercilessly attending with their chicks) who share the same rabid boy band obsession as me.

One thing about these now nearly middle aged men. They have all aged well, like wine, maybe a few like cheese--but I like both. And, they were punctual! Show started at 7:32 which was great. And, more impressive, no one in the audience (at least in my area) sparked it up....if you attend concerts, you know what I mean.

Boyz II Men sang gloriously and I was reminded of how much I love "Water Runs Dry."

98 Degrees were still hot. Nick Lachey, what can I say (my bestie's fave) and Jeff Timmons (my fave) still have the biceps and singing chops. Not such a fan of "Una Noche" but I was ecstatic that they ended with my favorite song, "Because of You."

The last two hours of the concert were reserved for the main attraction, NKOTB. Men in their 40s, they still have it in all senses of the phrase. Donnie was still the bad boy, six pack to match. At one point, he knelt and sang to a fan off stage. Cameras zoomed in and this bold lady beckoned him. They engaged in a twenty second french kiss which had the dome raving. He even looked at the camera and mouthed, "What the F*ck?!"-but went right back to kissing her. Shocking. Jordan Knight (my bestie's fave) moved very much like Michael Jackson, and sang falsetto flawlessly. He gave us some skin too and obviously, this father still works out. Danny did some athletic break dancing moves and Joey, the baby of the group was a raunchy dancer, much to my surprise. My fave of the five is and always will be, Jonathan Knight (yes, he likes boys) but, I've always liked his face and personality. He and Danny remained clothed through the whole show. While the rest of the boys did crazy pelvic thrusts to the audience, he was lukewarm and mainly stomped his feet a lot. Call me crazy, but I don't like overt. Oh, Jon--in another life, I'll be a dude.

It was nice to experience this concert with my bestie and my 17 year old god-daughter & Co. She laughed a lot, mostly at us, but had fun too. Donnie invited a surprise guest, Seattle's own Sir MixALot-whom up until that night I didn't know he was a Seattle-lite. He brought about 10 brave women on stage to shake their healthy butts, singing "Baby Got Back!" We were all dancing in our nosebleeds seats.

During Jordan's falsetto a story line was conceived in my writer brain and it's been festering and growing non stop since Tuesday night. It's shaping up to be a YA, sci-fi, comedy thing. I'll keep you posted.

Overall, seeing this wonderful grouping of boy bands is now off my bucket list--a great night.

Here are some YOUTUBE clips of the concert I found.


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