Mickey Mouse Egg Game…Day 26 of NaBloPoMo.

I used to have this Nintendo Mickey Mouse Egg Catching game in the 1980s and I LOVED IT! I thought of this game after 30 years because my life got pretty happily busy this week. Family visiting is always wonderful and even now I rush to squeeze in memories before they have to return to Texas tomorrow. My kids are already suffering from cousin withdrawal and know that after a hearty breakfast tomorrow, they’re boarding a plane.

So, the other day, when recovering from Disneyland and Thanksgiving, the images of this old Mickey Mouse game (which is oddly fitting) came to mind as I drove around with my children. I loved the speed at which I mastered my game, watching and timing the egg rolling from each coop. In my memory, I moved my thumbs lightning fast. Not sophisticated and high tech as the games my six year old has mastered, but those were the days.

At times, my life feels this hectic, but like Mickey, I have to keep smiling. My kids are sweet when they know mom has business to take care of—whether that’s laundry, dishes, wrapping gifts, cleaning, or blogging and writing in general. So, tonight I’m going to make a few more memories with my cousin as the house sleeps, watching zombies on the big screen and being afraid together.

I’ll miss her and the boys.

I received news from my best buddy that she and her family are planning a road trip to visit us. It’s been 4 ½ years and this will be the best Christmas present this year.



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