My Blogging Boundaries…..Day 5 of NaBloPoMo.

“Boundaries are to protect life, not to limit pleasures.” Edwin Louis Cole
Keeping my posts light this weekend. Have much to catch up on, but the basic gist of this entry is the boundaries I’ve set for myself when writing anything online, whether it is Twitter, Facebook or here. For one, I don’t discuss marital issues here. I never discuss my husband in detail, unless it’s to note something positive. I don’t post photos of my kids (and I know many bloggers do), it’s a personal choice and a mutual decision my husband and I made. I do have one photo of my son dressed as Ben 10 with the creator of the show at Comic Con, but that’s him in character. If you’re a “friend” on Facebook, you can keep up with my children’s adventures there. I may be hypocritical because I enjoy seeing photos people post. I get a snapshot of their lives and for me, I don’t reciprocate. If I do, it’s with my words, and I feel that’s enough. My children and I watch videos on Youtube enjoying lately the dance styles of Justin and Jeremy, adorable twins who can be seen in Just Dance 3 commercials. We find joy in watching these cuties, and by their parents put it out there for people to enjoy, we do. *****It’s just that I wouldn’t do that for my children. My family, with our Chamorro culture, our personal backgrounds flavoring our current decisions as parents, our beliefs as a family unit, well, we don’t let it all hang out-so to speak. There are too many unknowns in the world. Too many fiends I need to protect my children from. I’ve downsized my Facebook page twice, and may have to do it again, because it is there that I am most myself with funny posts, photos of my kids in everyday life. At least I control the 700 plus “friends” who view, reduced from 800+. I walk a fine line of what to share and what not to. I hate how people are most friendly in cyberspace, but duds face to face. I like watching someone’s face or body language in person to see if they are sincere, really interested. As an author (self-published, yes), I do need to market myself to an extent so my name is known, a brand of sorts. I plan on making it big in writing and by saying that, it can become more real.
“That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.”—Applejack


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