Disneyland, Happiest Place on Earth? Day 24 of NaBloPoMo.

Disneyland, whew, it's midnight and I was busting my keys to time stamp this for November 24. Admitting my guilt here!

Anyway, I will elaborate more once I've rested from my 8 hour adventure at Disneyland, to include the two hour drive there and two hour drive back.

I will say that it was very, very tempting to pull into Kohl's to begin Black Friday shopping. I didn't have the energy, so I'll try my luck with the slow pokes tomorrow (today). Look for more details later on Disneyland. My children's first visit!

11/25/11 Friday

So the above was what I blogged several seconds after my NaBloPoMo deadline. To continue and to get my post my post for today finished, I recap our Disneyland wonderment.

This was my second visit to Disneyland, the last time I was there, my husband and I were engaged. Fast forward eight years and my visit with two children in tow was organized and carried out with efficiency. Unfortunately, we only got to experience about 40 percent of the theme park, so a repeat visit is eminent. We will definitely wait until our toddler is old enough to further enjoy (and have real memories) and our son is not too old to be sighing heavily….

**I did visit Tokyo Disneyland when I was 17 years old, but it was such a foreign and unique experience, that I categorize it as a different theme park. My beef curry and rice lunch did help, but it was yummy.

The new Nemo Underwater Submarine ride was excellent. My children were excited and my daughter recited lines from the movie as she watched the scenes unfold through her portal. I was trying to figure out how the animation was displayed, but didn’t want to overanalyze.

Small World boat ride was also a hit, with the Christmas theme everywhere. I think they need to add Guam and Chamorros somewhere in there.

Fifty dollars for lunch for five people was tolerable and a few reasonable souvenirs for the kids made our overall visit wonderful.

If I had to choose between a summer visit or a Fall/Winter visit, the cooler weather and overall merriment of the patrons and staff wins out.

Disneyland proved to a happy place after all.

Esta Later!


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