Is There a DENDROLOGIST in the House? Day 3 of NaBloPoMo.

“That tree whose leaves are trembling: it is yearning for something. That tree so lovely to see acts as if it wants to flower: it is yearning for something.” ~Diego Hurtado De Mendoza
<-------This tree!****This tree I found as I walked my morning walk yesterday, pretending to be a jogger, with my daughter talking away in the stroller. <-----This tree****what is it? Name, please, anyone? I’ve wanted to know for the last 30 years. Googled it to no avail….anyway, the story of this beautiful tree begins when I was the same age as my son is now. <-------This tree holds special significance to me because it was THE TREE I was going to build my first tree house in. When I was 6-years old, my parents bought a home in the village of Ordot back in Guam, my home island. I was excited to have my own room and not be renting (at that age, I felt the power and excitement of owning something). My mom was eager to start gardening. My dad was happy to start building. In our front yard, my dad and mom planted this short plant, and I didn’t know if it was just a flowering bush or a tree. My dad said it would grow big and become a tree. I was fascinated by its butterfly looking leaves and beautiful pink orchid like flowers. I remember the perfume of the pink and white petals. I remember sitting on the poky Chinese grass, which was vibrant green and carpet-like. The thin blades of grass poked through the thin material of my shorts, but I didn’t mind. I was trying my hardest to enjoy the “shade”, sparse as it was of MY tree.
My childhood home, Ordot, Guam. Wish I had a picture of the tree, but it's to the left of the shot.>>>>>>>>>>. ************I wondered every year if my tree would get big and strong enough to actually hold a house. My father would watch me from our front door as I insisted on sitting in the grass to read a book. I must have been eight or nine, and the tree was now slightly taller than me, guessing about four feet tall. “When is this tree going to grow, dad?” He would say, “soon”. So, instead of watching this tree grow, that afternoon I perfected my cartwheel. My dad was proud and proceeded to cheer me on to do more. I must have done a hundred, at least that’s what my child memory logged in, sure felt like it. I was happy to make my dad laugh.
***********When I moved out of my childhood home to a home of my own in another village, that tree was grown, but not strong enough for a tree house. By that time, I had given up on that dream. And, the beautiful grass was replaced with concrete for a basketball court, which doubled as a parking spot. ***********In 2009, I visited Guam again. I had just sold my Mangilao home and did a drive by to see the first home I purchased. Then, without question, my mom and I drove to Ordot. We visited the tenant who had made this her residence for almost ten years. She raised her children in my old home and was now a grandmother. My tree was now taller than the house. It was still not ready for a tree house, and would never be. The nature, structure and delicate branches could never hold my dream. But, now, I’m okay with that. It is a reminder of a time when my dad was healthy, young and attentive. This tree that I see every morning on my walk will still be special to me. It will still be a place I can hang my hopes for something big.
I ♥ Music. I searched "Screaming Trees" & "Treehouse Song" for music...Ane Brun won. ESTA LATER!


  1. Thanks to my friend, Louann, she pointed me in the right direction. Hong Kong Orchid Tree, it's so nice to know your name!

  2. I too have had personal relationships with trees (and streams, and little spots of earth) and cherish the memories that adorn their limbs. What a nice post!


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