Giving Spanks…I Mean, Thanks! Day 23 of NaBloPoMo.

You want me to be the turkey? I don’t think so. You know turkey-isms that I don’t know.” –Robert Deniro

I am so grateful for many things. I think mainly that we are having a stress free holiday. I definitely miss my family on Guam, who are now gearing up for their chicken (not turkey) lunch together.

I am blessed to have my family together, happy and healthy. We are making great holiday memories so far, especially with my cousin and her wonderful sons. Legoland was a blast yesterday, considering it was their first time. Topped it off with a great show and wonderful food at a teppanyaki restaurant (again, their first time).

So, this is short and sweet. Make the most of your Thanksgiving weekend and enjoy the company you have.



  1. Happy Thanksgiving! We just watched the video with the lady trying to handle the turkey and Noah burst out laughing. Have fun tomorrow!


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