Don't Read This One....Day 10 of NaBloPoMo.

Well, here you are anyway. Welcome.

Ahh, the chiropractor. It’s been seven years since I’ve had anything more than a self-adjustment, so this was my third visit in six weeks. Something calming about having a person take your head in their hands and crank your neck to the side, like you see in many scenes where the killer snaps someone’s neck.

But, oh how we trust our chiropractor.

Anyway, I digress again. Before I got my adjustment from my able-handed chiropractor, I read this quote on the door. I never noticed these boards before, but I guess I was meant to read this yesterday.
------------------------------> Pictorial digression.

It fits with the current, yet cyclical struggle I have of NOT being satisfied in my life. Yes, I’m happy with my domestic life, my baby start of a writing career and such, but I guess one should never be entirely satisfied with one’s station in life. If we stop reaching, dreaming, stretching, growing, then don’t we stop living?

I’m a Goddess in training because I still want improvement in my life. I don’t typically like to discuss (in cyberspace) if I’m dieting or exercising because I feel it can set you up for failure. There are certain aspects of my life that I don’t want under a lens. But, I guess by discussing this now, it’s kind of out of the shadows.

Let’s just say, this quote, written by George Bernard Shaw (I love Google...had to know where this quote originated)--hit me and was fitting. In four months, I’ll be 38. I want change and you can say right now, I’m Under Construction. (not plastic surgery….don't get it twisted). I will symbolically twist the neck of the old, tired me....

I’ve always felt an urgency to get things accomplished…moreso after my father died at 55. So, each day is a battle with myself, and for some time, I’ve been doing something real about it. No pain, no gain?

These folks have the prettiest hair in Country...and their song is cool.

Esta Later…and keep that chocolate away from me…..


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