Supporting Chamorro Artists-Jason J. and Tribal Theory…Day 16 of NaBloPoMo.

Instead of moaning about my life, I’m switching gears today to celebrate some Chamorro talent. In the world of music, 2 artists/groups come to the forefront for me, Jason J and Tribal Theory.

Jason J. (Juices)

Anyone who knows me, knows I'm heavy into rock/alternative, but I do appreciate all music (I went through a Celtic phase in college and a Country Music phase as a teacher)… But, the first time I heard Jason was on a return trip home to Guam to care for my ill father in 2007. Driving around my island home, I enjoyed local radio and Jason’s song came on. “Forever” grabbed me. The lyrics and his melodic stylings were solid, sure and meaningful. Another day, I heard “Juices” and again was reeled in. I searched high and low at Chamorro Village for his CD and everyone knew him, but had not heard that a CD was released. So, since then I enjoy his work and his distinct voice on Youtube.

I gladly introduced myself to Jason this past September at PIFA (Pacific Islander Festival)when he popped into my Guam Books and Beads booth. He was gracious and thanked me for my support. He assured me that he was working hard in Hollywood to make an impact with his music.

I praise him and support him in his efforts. He shines a light on Guam.

“Forever” Jason J.

“Juices” Jason J.

Please support him by visiting his website,

Tribal Theory

Tribal Theory is another wonderful example of Chamorro boys with musical talent. They play regularly around San Diego and support our community at festivals such as our Chamorro Cultural Festival and PIFA. Singer, Ajay Blount is a great performer who represents the Chamorro spirit well (and he's an all-around nice guy). They have had many successes and I am certain they will continue. My favorite Tribal Theory track is “Come On Over.”

You can learn more about Tribal Theory on their Facebook page or their website,

Si Yu’os Ma’ase for reading!



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