"Birds flying high, you know how I feel,
Sun in the sky, you know how I feel...
it's a new dawn, it's a new day, it's a new life,
for me...and I'm feeling good."--Anthony Newley and Leslie Bricusse 1964

New Dawn, New Day, New Year

So, I really took a break from blogging because of November’s National Blog Posting Month. But, I did enjoy life so much more in December and I wish I could have blogged about every wonderful moment, but I just have some highlights.

Las Vegas, Circus Circus with Guam cousins and my family was rejuvenating. Two days was all we needed, although we wanted more. We got away from it all, without having to go too far away. We would definitely stay at Circus Circus again. We dabbled in light gambling, hit the buffet once and mostly spent time with our kids at the Adventure Dome. My children’s stuffed animal collection grew by 30 in the two days. We love the crane machines!

Then, we recuperated in a day and a half and cleaned like mad because my best friend since 1994 drove down for a two day visit. I felt 19 all over again and the first place we hit (after the grocery store) was a coffee shop, like the good old days. We learned about each other again (it had been almost 5 years since we were in the same zip code) and enjoyed that our children enjoyed each other’s company. My husband had some guy time with my best friend’s hubby—they cruised in our classic car and tried every flavored beer in the fridge.

Then, Christmas eve and Christmas day festivities really brought the celebration home. Gag gifts, fun with board games (Disney Head Banz—a hit--thanks, Liz and crew!)
and great food and wine, made 2011 end with an exclamation point.

I love new mornings, new days and new years because a fresh start and an improved attitude makes hope for more wondrous experiences a real thing. The holidays are my favorite time of year.

Happy New Year and ESTA LATER!


  1. happy new year! i've missed catching you at school...we've been running late...trying to get back into the swing of things...i was going to sign up for nablopomo for january...glad i didn't since i haven't even gotten to a new year's post yet...almost feeling caught up enough to do this...your break sounds cousin and best friend shops like the good old days...i need to buy hedbanz for my kids...great game for many ages my children tried it once...thx for putting me on your blog list...i always feel pressure to perform or have something interesting to read...that is a good thing, though and i appreciate the extra push and most of all your friendship :)


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