Tragedy on Guam

The tragic irony of the event on Guam has me pondering. The suspect's actions are not a reflection of one group of friends, one family, one school or one island--it is a reflection of the entire world. I believe in ripple effects and we need to be kind to each other. I still ♥ Guam.

The above was my simple Facebook status update regarding the tragedy on Guam. The suspect’s name was immediately sifted out of the drama and comments exploded on Facebook.

Article links, pictures and hate spewed. The article's headline says it all, Tumon stabbings: 14 injured after crash, knife attack outside Outrigger.

I’m one to watch, wait, research. I saw the suspect's face. I saw his name being slung around. I visited the Youtube video he was involved with and much of the same hatred was in the comments.

One might say that since I left Guam in 2004, that I have no say in these events, but Guam is still my home-island. I have family and friends I still love dearly there. I taught at JFKHS. I frequented that very spot in Tumon where the tragedy happened. I’ve been in that ABC Store and the surrounding businesses.

I’m not speaking on specific legislation or punishment for this suspect, because I don’t know the facts. I do know that people have lost their lives. I do know that some victims were tourists. I do know that the government is scrambling on how to spin this so Guam doesn’t lose its livelihood.

Is anyone really safe? Is the best reaction violence? Is this suspect’s family and friends going to be targeted? I would hope not.

I can only pray that the island can learn and evolve from this. Not degrade into more evil.

Guam PDN links here.

Link here.


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