Happy Valentine's Day...

"There is no greater feeling than doing something you love with someone you love." --Nikki Reed

This blogpost has been brewing for some time in my overactive brain. I wanted to speak of the love story of Nikki Reed (Rosalie of Twilight fame) and her husband, Paul McDonald (The guy from American Idol). Why? Well, I am a fan of Twilight in general, books more so than the movies, although the movies did bring Robert Pattinson (my muse) to the forefront, but I digress. I am a fan of American Idol, and I recall watching Paul McDonald whose voice is a throwback of Rod Stewart/Bob Dylan stylings and folksy rock yumminess in general. I remember watching him in his various stand out suits thinking, I really hope this guy makes it far. My friends agreed that he had great vocals and a killer smile. He didn’t get the AI crown, but he did find his wife, Nikki via the show.

I remember when the contestants attended the Red Riding Hood movie premiere. Paul met Nikki. She gushed over his talent. He was surprised and in awe of how beautiful she was/is. He tells the camera he has no idea who she is exactly. I thought that was awesome. At 0.54 they meet....

By the end of the season, she was in the audience as his supportive girlfriend. Fast forward, they are doing duets for the final Twilight movie, Breaking Dawn 2, as husband and wife. Beautiful.

Nikki indicated that she had always loved to sing, but until she met Paul, she never had the courage to pursue it. I think her voice is gorgeous and they duet beautifully together.

My point is, in your life, whomever you meet—boyfriend/girlfriend, spouse, child, sister, friend, co-worker, should bring out the shine in you. I feel blessed with the many valentines in my life and I feel like their presence in my journey makes me want to be the best I can be.

Best wishes to Nikki and Paul. May they continue to make beautiful music together.

Happy Hearts Day everyone.

Nikki’s blog here.


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