Music, Mraz, Muse for Moving My Writing

Many writers will tell you that music fuels the writing process. That is no different for me. As I put the finishing touches on my romantic comedy novel, Secret Shopper, I find that setting the musical mood is very important, even if I’m merely editing.

When I did my first draft, I was so engrossed with Jason Mraz. Two of his beautiful ballads drove the love story I was creating. Beautiful Mess and If It Kills Me. His gorgeous lyrics seemed custom fitted for my main characters, Phoenix and Thomas. That was 2010.


IF IT KILLS ME-Jason Mraz-Lyric Video

Three years later, as these characters evolved and the redrafting of their story occurs, I find myself editing to many songs, but I am once again pulled to lovely Jason Mraz. His new song with Christina Perri, Distance perfectly describes my character, Phoenix. She puts up walls, creates distance even if LOVE is staring her right in the face. Why do we do this?

DISTANCE-Christina Perri & Jason Mraz

Also love ARMS by Perri.

*So, thank you Mr. Mraz for being a constant in my book’s evolution.


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