CHE'LU's 4th Annual Chamorro Cultural Fest March 2013

Hafa Adai! Guam Goddess in Training here just sharing the official flier for CHE'LU's 4th Annual Chamorro Cultural Fest! Chamorro Hands in Education Links Unity or CHE'LU is a non-profit organization based in San Diego. They put their hearts and souls into this wonderful celebration of the Chamorro culture. The Board consists of dedicated volunteers who work hard to put on the only Chamorro festival of its kind in San Diego.

Please support them by simply attending, enjoying music, culture and mungi (delicious) food. March 23, 2013, Saturday, 10-6PM (Market Creek Plaza 310 Euclid Ave. San Diego 92114) with an evening concert by Hafa Adai Entertainment at 8PM.

I regret that this will be my first time not attending, but something about being a Navy wife and transferring to the chilly PacNorWest came into play.

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Si Yu'os Ma'ase!/Thank you.

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Esta Later!


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