But I Would Drive One Hundred Miles, and I Would Drive One Hundred More.

"He who is not courageous enough to take risks will accomplish nothing in life."--Muhammad Ali

Hundreds of miles of driving to sell one book. Yes. I did that, twice.

An indie writer’s hustle is never ending. For me, a high functioning introvert, that is taxing on my nerves. So, twice in the month of May, I sojourned south to attend two events.

On May 3rd, I attended a Guam fiesta in Graham, Washington. Miles logged? 88.

The San Jose Fiesta was hosted by the generous Leon Guerrero family. Two rows of vendors braved the rain and cold to showcase their wares. I was happy to be canopy mates with author and Principal Investigator at Hålé Chamoru ~ Chamorro Roots Genealogy Project, Bernard Punzalan.

I was grateful for the exposure to a new Chamorro audience. The extensive buffet of Chamorro cuisine was also a great pay off. Vending was free with a small contribution of two books to the hosts for a raffle. After selling one book, I resigned to the fact that I would end the day with that one success. I looked on the bright side. I had quality time with my best friend who drove in from Tacoma. My son hung out with his godparents. I met up with my former Tae Kwon Do classmate, who I last saw when he was a preteen, now a husband and father. I met a former JFKHS teacher whom I shared the honor of working in the Tourism Academy. And, I met up with a former volleyball teammate who I haven’t seen in over twenty years. So, a good day all in all.

On May 28th, I drove down to Gresham, Oregon to attend Mt. Hood Community College’s 3rd Annual Hang Loose Luau. Miles logged? 240.

I had reservations about attending a seemingly “Hawaiian” event, but the R.I.C.E. member I knew (again a child classmate from Tae Kwon Do) assured me that it was a celebration of all things Pacific Islander. Thankful that my best friend joined me, we set off for a cold, rainy luau. After three hours of vending, I sold one book. Sirena (my little mermaid) seemed to be the most popular with passerbys. I had to remind myself that there were many a starving college student who may not have the disposable funds to purchase books. It was a good day anyway, since I saw up close, hula dancing, enjoyed 90s R & B music (apparently a favorite genre of the dj, but not mine), and bonded with my bestie since the 10th grade.

In the end, after two events, I logged 328 miles of driving, make that 656 counting the drive home.
Books sold? 2.
Redemption? Selling 2 books to the owner of PDX671.
Additional redemption? People, experience, hanging with my bestie twice, Guam food and doughnuts.

Meanwhile, 6,000 plus miles away across the Pacific Ocean, in my home-island of Guam. My short story collection, Attitude 13 has been featured in a two part series for Marianas Variety Guam’s Sunday Variety-Literary Corner. The links to the digital copies are here. PART 1. PART 2. It’s a nice way of getting my short story, Resurfacing in the public eye. So, thank you to the editor, Mar-Vic Cagurangan for considering me. It’s an honor! And, as any indie author will tell you, if the experience helps me sell just one book, then it was worth the effort.

Further, a blogger friend and supporter of my writing in Poland has featured a great review of Attitude 13 on her blog. LINK here, as well as an interview of me. LINK here. Thank you, talesfrompasifika!


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