Secret Shopper COVER REVEAL

Secret Shopper Cover Reveal. Yep, that just happened.

My book has been uploaded and is ongoing review. I hope to order proofs in a few days and then have it go LIVE (meaning available for paperback purchase and Kindle e-book) by my self-imposed deadline of May 13th.

I just Photo Gridded and Instagrammed my upcoming novel's cover on Facebook. Am I fretting? Yep. But, I was just so excited I had to share.

I'm including for the first time the story's summary here. Stay tuned for developments and thank you for your continued support!

SECRET SHOPPER By Tanya Taimanglo
After moving to California from the tropical island of Guam, Phoenix Farmer’s marriage to her high school sweetheart, Bradley unravels. Forced to find a job, she retreats into the world of SECRET SHOPPING and thrives. As Phoenix discovers her true self without Bradley, she becomes an unwilling goddess with the help of her best friend Rachel. She snags the attention of Thomas-the creative, handsome and persistent target she has been assigned to evaluate. Can she hold off Thomas’s charm until her divorce becomes final? What will she decide when her father falls ill unexpectedly and pulls her back to Guam?


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