My Military Duty is on Spin Cycle

First off, I find it cool and very narcissistic that I could follow my own blog.

I am up late, passed midnight as my family rests. This is my only time to write, to think, to enjoy a recorded show or Pattinson flick. And, more importantly, test my will power and not raid the refrigerator or pantry--even if it's been five hours since dinner. So far, so good. I'll just imagine my cold glass of hanom ("water" in the Chamorro language) is an iced frappucino.

As a wife of a service member, washing his uniform into the next day is an honor. I get to sit and blog while he recharges for another day serving the country. As his uniform spins in the dryer, I am just THANKFUL that he's in port. I'm thankful that his hard work affords me the chance to be a STAY-AT-HOME Goddess.

To my hard-working husband...I salute you.

Esta later!


  1. i salute my birthday buddy as well. see ya tomorrow!

  2. "STAY-AT-HOME Goddess," I hope you are having a fabulous day! Awesome read! Thanks.

  3. A STAY-T-HOME Goddess who manages to raise two wonderful children, keep a busy household standing, juggle numerous projects, and keeps your Sailor in a clean uniform.

    I know how hard it is to be the one wearing that uniform. With all that I see you do....know that I SALUTE YOU!


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