Dusting off My Michelle Branch CD...

When I bake something or cook something, it’s just the same feeling as writing a song for me….”—Michelle Branch

Dusting off my Michelle Branch CD has brought me to revisit my ideas of balance, motherhood and creativity.

For the last week, I’ve been playing my Michelle Branch CD (2001-The Spirit Room) in my car. My 4 year old daughter approves. She especially loves, Everywhere, All You Wanted and Goodbye to You—perhaps because I keep sifting through to play them again and again. Her main concern as the melody for the next Branch song starts, “Is this the same girl?”

This album came out around the time I was having a major shift in my relationship, so as the scars of that break-up were healing, Branch’s words were there for me to cling to. Before IPods, I had my enormous CD player on my dresser and often sang along to this very CD.

I Googled Branch yesterday to do my own version of VHI’s Where Are They Now? I was vaguely aware of her switch to country music, since I was busy having my children by this time. Apparently, as Branch was making her appearance in her new form, The Wreckers—a duo, she too was developing her domestic side, marrying her bassist, Teddy and having a child as well.

She’s still gorgeous and I was always intrigued by her lyrics and melodies. Watching her video, Everywhere, ten years ago, my Asian spidey senses tingled and I knew she had Asian pedigree somewhere. I guessed Japanese, but she really is a quarter Indonesian. I only found this out yesterday too.

So, I'm going to catch up with what music she’s produced since I lost track of her 10 years ago. She’s still as beautiful as when she first hopped onto the music scene.



  1. LOVED this post. I happened upon it via BlogHer. Michelle Branch was on repeat in my CD player too. I just opened Spotify to play some tracks as well.


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