This Blog Entry is a Shameless Attempt to Solicit Votes for My Book, Attitude 13! Go, Tritons!

“You create your opportunities by asking for them.”--Shakti Gawain

With that said, I’m casting my talaya (fishing net) via the inter-“net” to garner votes for my book, Attitude 13: A Daughter of Guam’s Collection of Short Stories (2010 Authorhouse).

My Alma mater, University of Guam is celebrating its 60th Anniversary and to commemorate this, they are selecting “60 for 60” books for their Robert F. Kennedy Library. In their words, “Help by voting for book titles that you believe shares the history, culture, literature, and life of Guam or Micronesia.”

I found out my book was nominated because a poetic colleague, Craig Santos Perez posted it on Facebook. (Please BOTA for him too! Under the GUAM section, "from unincorporated territory" by Craig Santos Perez (2008 and 2010) [poetry]). Curious, I wanted to see if Attitude 13 or Sirena, or my mali—Alison Taimanglo Cuasay’s book Tasi and Matina made the nomination list (you can add these titles to the suggestion portion of the survey too).

I was excited to see Attitude 13 under the Juvenile/Young Adult section. My Facebook and email barrage began immediately. I am ending my tirade with a blog entry because I’m excited (and I would love for you to Bota/Vote!).

Another wonderful Chamorro cultural partner is batik artist, Judy Selk Flores, Ph.D. with her work also under the GUAM section, "Estorian Inalahan: history of a Spanish-era village in Guam" by Judith Selk Flores (2011). Bota, bota!

There are so many wonderful Chamorro authors/poets to choose from and I’m glad UOG is doing this! Voting continues through April 2nd and the winners will be announced on April 30th.

In advance, I thank you for your vote!
Please cut and paste the following link to vote under JUVENILE/YOUNG ADULT, Attitude 13 Tanya Taimanglo



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