I'm a Dandy Lion, hear me ROAR!

"Reading makes a full (man), conference a ready (man), and writing an exact (man)." --Sir Francis Bacon

I’m listless when I’m not writing.

My son asks the same question before walking to his class--after we do our ritual of high-fives and I love you’s and blown kisses. “What are you going to do at home when I’m at school?”

My standard response is “cook, clean and WRITE!”

With the first in my Guam legend series tackled and my short story collection completed, I’m grabbing at words, jotting down phrases that inspire me. A brief meeting with a stranger can spark a storyline in my head. Remembering an old friend in high school, gets me thinking of their point-of-view.

My next legend collaboration with my artist brother is Fu’una and Puntan. Maybe blasting this in cyberspace will add to the urgency. “Git ‘er done!” As Mater would say. So, February 2011 people. That’s my self-imposed deadline.

With no real looming deadline and focus on the promotion of my books and the Guam Books and Beads mission, I’m like a floating dandelion spore.

I let loose a few weeks ago with a night of dancing with the husband at a military ball. Blisters the next day didn’t take away from the fun of that night. I also went to a rock concert, alone. My way of feeling alive--the stylings of Muse roaring in my ear. Ringing ears and aching heels from standing in my rocker chick leather boots for two hours didn’t take away from the joy of that night. Stone Temple Pilots rolls into town in a few weeks, maybe I’ll need another session. Free tickets from the military for a Padres vs. Chicago Cubs game wasn't so bad as a de-stresser either.

I keep several journals handy when I have to wait in the car for my son, my daughter napping. I’ve parked at his school almost an hour early, for prime parking. I’m not the only parent crazy enough to do this by the way. So, that’s my writing time. Poetry lately. Focusing on a few new projects, with deadlines closer to Thanksgiving.

I’m due for a blog session since September zinged by. So, with laptop open or journal and pen in hand…I’ll be writing. Juggling many hats keeps my engine primed. So, if you ever see me in my swagger wagon, jotting away or bobbing my head to some Muse, Kings of Leon or Beastie Boys, I’m working. My office is anywhere I can put my lines to paper. Like the beautiful, wistful dandelion spores, I hope I can land some prime lines, some inspiring phrases, and unique takes on life.

Happy birthday to my dad. He would have been 59 on October 21st.

www.GuamBooksAndBeads.com ROCKS!



  1. I could relate with much of your post...we should chat more...glad I'm finally following your blog!

  2. Thanks, Denise! 13, my lucky number and nice to see you're a kindred spirit with the mommy- writer thing!


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