No P.O. Boxes?--Who wants to see my Brother on a....

So, with the excitement of the release of my new book, Sirena: A Mermaid Legend From Guam, I'm not going to let a little speed bump stop my fervor. I love my former students from Guam (after 8 years of teaching at about 140 a year, that's over a thousand former students from John F. Kennedy High School), who wanted to order my book, but couldn't get their copy sent to Guam because they have, WAIT FOR IT...P.O. Boxes! Now, at first I was upset that my publisher didn't ship at all to Guam, but they do. They even ship to Guatemala, but that's neither here nor Guam. Now, the best way for awesome patrons to get my book now is to have a physical address. Guam folk know that the vast majority of islanders have P.O. Boxes because it's just cost effective. When I say that, I mean it's too expensive to have a typhoon roll over the island and have mailboxes destroyed over and over. It would be a spectacle to have farm house mailboxes and other cutesy boxes flying around, but I digress. So, for anyone interested in ordering my book FROM GUAM, I feel your pain. This is what I found out from You will need to call a BECKY or ERICA at 1-888-519-5121 ext 5023 to get the book mailed, MEDIA mail, which basically means there is no insurance that you'll get it. Or pester that one auntie you know that doesn't need to drive to the Hagatna post office because her mail gets delivered to her door and use her address. Then there's the need for a "media hub" which means you'll need to ask DHL or FEDEX for their address and to have your book sent there. I envision Becky having her phone ring off the hook with calls from Guam. Let's give her our Island hospitality, the good stuff, huh? Otherwise, in the next few months I hope you can find my book at Bestseller, Faith (is that still there?) and shops in the Chamorro Village. I'm open to your ideas. Maybe my brother, the illustrator can borrow my uncle's carabao and sell books on the road, so HONK if you see him on Marine Corp. highway. Hmmmm....The lovely graphic added here is for Guam Books & Beads. My wonderfully awesome cousin, Alison Taimanglo Cuasay and I are joining forces to promote our books, her jewelry and any other Chamorro stuff we whip up--just like the Wonder Twins. So, you can "like" us on Facebook. Next step would be a real website. Si Yu'os Ma'ase!
Esta, later!


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