I Wanna ROCK!

Happy June.

Life is swell, but I still feel like I’m living under the surface of things. My days are blurring into each other. In November 2009, a soccer mom/friend asked me to participate in the Rock and Roll Marathon Team Relay. I agreed and so started the frustrating (for me) training. Almost seven months later, I had grand ideas that I would be the image of health and running the last leg with a 10-minute or better mile. The day is on the horizon and shape wise, I’m still a sexy pear. Fitness level and muscle tone are better, but my limpy left foot is an issue. My task is under 6 miles, about two 5 K’s is what I tell myself. I haven’t blasted comments about it on Facebook because simmering under my calm is nervousness. I know I can make it to the end without passing out, but I want to perform well for my team-4 Crazy Legs and for myself.

I explored the San Diego Convention Center for the very first time (I’ve lived in SoCal for 6 “ears”) for check in at the Health Expo. I was tingling with the knowledge that my muse-R.P. walked these halls, but I digress. Power bars, massages, Gu and running shoes peppered the showroom. All those free samples won’t make me run faster, I thought.

Full marathoners were given blue shirts and we relayers were given black shirts. I found some confidence in the fact that it was just not fitness buffs with 1% body fat running this weekend. I saw moms, grandmothers, and soldiers with bionic limbs (amongst others) with the blue shirts in their goodie bags. It gave me comfort that I wasn’t the odd woman out.

So, I will take this Sunday in stride, knowing that I will be doing something new and exciting. I will be setting an example for my children. I will be adding to my fitness level. Maybe before I’m forty I can take the next step and do a half marathon, then the whole 26.2 miles.

If you need me Monday, I’ll be sleeping in with an ice pack on my left foot, wearing my R and R shirt proudly—hopefully dreaming of running with a pasty vampire with golden eyes while werewolves vie for my attention.
Esta Later!


  1. Yay! If I lived near you, I'd be tagging along most definitely!

  2. Thanks ladies, one more and we can have a GW Gecko Chick team next year. :)


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